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With the sudden turn of fate of a politician – Narendra Modi – whose hubris had flattened even his mother organisation, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh – was rubbished in the trial at the hustings in three crucial Hindi heartland states. And with the step-wise rise of the erstwhile “Pappu” Rahul Gandhi, speculations have begun: Who now?

At the political level, poll math professionals take their own way of forecasting results, but on the astral map, India’s top star gazer Dr Ajai Bhambi reads the writings in the heavens…

By Dr. Ajai Bhambi


His stars had made him king, but stars can also make paupers, and his masters in the skies aren’t exactly smiling any more on him

A politician’s life is full of highs and lows but Narendra Modi has been seeing a high from 2001 onwards, when he became chief minister of Gujarat, and the gold run has lasted till now.

He faced a lot of opposition during his three terms as CM of Gujarat but that never bothered him, and his charisma started peaking from 2013 onwards. 

In 2014, he became the Prime Minister of India with a thumping majority for his party. He is a great orator and made the entire country believe that he is the only leader after Independence who can reshape India and put her on the top in the realm of world politics. 

Has this perception changed after his party’s humiliating defeat in the three Hindi belt states? Let us peep through his horoscope:

Narendra Modi was born on 17th September 1950 at 11.17 hrs, at Mehsana (Gujarat). At the time of his birth Scorpio lagna was rising on the eastern horizon and the planetary configuration was such: Mars, Moon–Scorpio, Jupiter (R)–Aquarius, Rahu–Pisces, Saturn, Venus–Leo, Sun, Mercury (R), Ketu in Virgo.


Modi’s chart has many rajayogas. His lagna is Scorpio, Moon and Mars are placed in it. The presence of Mars creates Panch Mahapurush Rajayoga Ruchak and with Moon it creates another Neech Bhanga Rajayoga. Jupiter has occupied the 4th house and Saturn, Venus are placed in the 10th house. Jupiter and Moon form another rajayoga called Gajkesari. 

All these rajayogas are of high quality and results are very much in evidence. If we look at the background of Narendra Modi then we won’t find many parallels to it.

Whenever Jupiter and Saturn are involved in aspect, it makes a person a great public figure, and Modi has a world audience behind him. The mutual aspect between Jupiter and Venus, or when they are together in a sign then the person concerned is considered highly intelligent among the intellectuals. 

The presence of Sun, Mercury, Ketu in the 11th house makes the person politically wise and ready to take bold decisions. Ketu has afflicted both these planets to some extent which denotes some decisions can be taken without proper calculations and these decisions create a nightmare for a long time.

All these rajayogas – or good combinations – have given optimum results in his life. If that is so then when planets are on the descending mode or not aligning well then they should also produce results accordingly.

In his chart Mars is a great rajayoga-karaka and created two yogas single handedly which we discussed elsewhere but Mars himself is weak in the navamsha by occupying debilitated one. 

Moon’s 10 years mahadasha is in operation from September 1, 2011 onward and after the onset of this dasa Modi has seen a phenomenal rise. Moon is debilitated and has not occupied friendly nakshatra (Moon in Saturn’s nakshatra).

Mars has made Moon so effective in his chart that the SADE SATI of Saturn did not bother him for more than six and a half years

There is a situation in planetary hierarchy when a positive planet gives all his energy and goodness to the debilitated but friendly planet and loses his own potential to a great extent.

In this rare planetary phenomenon, Mars has become beleaguered but makes the debilitated Moon extremely potent, which is why he has become the Prime Minister of this great country and created his own brand called Modi brand in Moon’s mahadasha.


Mars has made Moon so effective in his chart that the Sade Sati of Saturn did not bother him for more than six and a half years and he became Prime Minister in the peak of Sade Sati.

Generally, people dread Sade Sati and here powerful Moon had warded off all the negativities of Saturn’s sadhe sati for such a long time. 

Astrology is a great science and it is very difficult for us mortals to understand the real wisdom of great seers and sages. The Moon might have gained all the powers by default, but the affliction of Moon has not diminished completely.

Let us try to understand the current state of affairs by analysing the Moon and sub dasa of this planet.

In his chart Moon–Mercury operated from 2/07/2017 till 1/12/2018. Moon is placed in the lagna and retrograde Mercury is present in the 11th house along with Sun and Ketu.

Mercury is not good for Scorpio lagna because of its first lordship of 8th house. Mercury is also the lord of 11thhouse and placed in it. 


Moon and Mercury don’t enjoy a good relationship between them. If we look back and analyse the period from July 2017 till 1st December 2018, a lot of subtle damage has been done to his image in this period which started surfacing now.

The major institutions of the country felt the heat and voices of dissent were heard from Supreme Court judges, CBI, ED and explosion took place when RBI governor resigned.

Moon–Ketu is in operation from 1/12/2018 to 2/07/2019. Moon is in lagna and Ketu in the 11th house, again is not a good combination. Modi’s remark on Congress ki vidhwa came out on 4th December and that was the first negative impact of Moon–Ketu. The results of three states also came after the operation of this period. 

Lok Sabha elections are also going to be held in this period and that will also decide the fate of PM Modi. Moon–Ketu is not a good period and if impractical promises or harsh language is used then that could be counterproductive.

Sadhe Sati is still there and inherently Moon is weak although strengthened by various reasons, which we discussed earlier. Ketu is known for unpredictability and sages have warned astrologers (us) not to make over board predictions when this period is in operation.

If a practical and sincere approach is followed genuinely then his chart is still powerful to render good results. 


Due to declining star munificence, the party needs to be careful in the choices it makes for the crucial 2019 general elections

AT the time of BJP’s birth, Gemini ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon and the planetary situation was as such: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu–Leo, Moon–Scorpio, Mercury, Ketu–Aquarius, Sun–Pisces and Venus in Taurus.

Brief interpretation of the chart:

BJP’s lagna is Gemini and its lord Mercury has occupied the 9th house along with Ketu and in the 3rd house four planets namely – Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Rahu are placed. All these planets are connected with lagna lord Mercury who happens to be positioned in the Bhagya Sthana (9th house). BJP’s lagna is so strong that within a short span of coming into existence in 1980 it has tasted power in centre and many states of the country. 


BJP will remain a front running party for many years to come. Venus, the other benefic planet for this lagna, is happily placed in the 12th house and promises that it will always have a royal status. Placement of Sun in the 10th house being the lord of 3rd house where four planets have formed a wonderful rajayoga called Pravajra.

That is why during this Sun’s mahadasha, which ran from April 2012 to April 2018, BJP occupied power at the centre and ruled many states in the country. Moon’s mahadasha of 10 years has started from April 2018 to April 2028. Right now Moon–Moon are in operation from April 2018 to February 2019.

Moon has occupied the 6th house in the chart and is debilitated. Moon is quite weak in the chart and it has been proved in the last eight months also. 

Mars is detrimental for Gemini lagna and Moon is weak. Therefore BJP needs to be VERY CAREFUL of the kind of choices or decisions it makes in the coming months

During the six years, Sun’s mahadasha which ended in April 2018, BJP always looked invincible and Modi being at the helm of affairs was considered equally undefeated, but this dasha has not given good results so far.

During the forthcoming Lok Sabhi election time in BJP’s chart Moon–Mars will operate from February 2019 to September 2019. Mars is placed in the 3rd house and aspects Moon in the chart too. Mars is detrimental for Gemini lagna and Moon is weak.

Therefore BJP needs to be very careful of the kind of choices or decisions it makes in coming months.  Not being careful in these issues can give negative results.

However, inherently BJP’s chart is very strong and BJP is born to rule this country. Rest will be dependent on how the great party leaders handle the burning issues in the near future.


Will he become PM in 2019? He has said he does not want to, but he will create tremors in the saffron brigade due to Raahu’s mahadasha

RAHUL GANDHI was made a punching pillow by Narendra Modi throughout his 2014 Lok Sabha election, and even beyond that. The PM and his social media brigade called Rahul Gandhi all kinds of names and tried to prove that he is the biggest clown in town. 

Throughout these receiving years Rahul Gandhi stood his ground and proved everybody wrong. Perhaps, BJP has to coin new words to impress upon people to get votes against him. 

I have had a great meeting with Dwarka Prasad Agarwal, the founder of Bhaskar Group. He used to tell me: “If you want to demolish somebody politically, just stop talking about him. As a publisher, I seldom print any news about such people in my paper, and these people become irrelevant within a short time.” 

What great wisdom and politically correct statement. That is how Team Modi kept Rahul Gandhi in the news by constantly talking about him.


Rahul Gandhi was born on June 19, 1970, at 9.52 am at Delhi. At the time of his birth, Libra lagna was rising on the eastern horizon and the planetary configuration was as such: Jupiter–Libra, Moon–Sagittarius, Rahu–Aquarius, Saturn–Aries, Mercury–Taurus, Sun, Mars–Gemini, Venus–Cancer and Ketu in Leo.

Rahul Gandhi’s lagna and navamsha both are Libra and Jupiter is in lagna in both the cases. Debilitated Saturn has occupied the 7th house. Rahul Gandhi’s face is very soft as well as dignified and this is the influence of Jupiter in lagna. Debilitated Saturn is in the 7th house and this house deals with opposition also. 

Due to the presence of debilitated Saturn in this house, Rahul has faced all kinds of allegations during his campaign, and this pattern will continue. 

As I stated while interpreting the PM Modi’s chart, the mutual aspect between Saturn and Jupiter makes the person the darling of the masses. However, there are phases when you get bouquets or brickbats according to the dasha. 

Venus is the lord of lagna and well placed in the 10th house but debilitated in the navamsha chart.

If we compare the charts of both these stalwarts then the lagna lord of both these great personalities is debilitated in the navamsha chart. Whenever the lord of lagna is weak in the navamsha chart then the person makes many mistakes without realizing, and suffers accordingly. 

This is true perhaps in both the charts. Debilitated lagna lord metes out beatings at times due to a person’s own actions. But if other planets give strength to the lagna, then he bounces back in a big way, otherwise crisis takes the front seat in life.  

In Rahul Gandhi’s case, lagna and Jupiter both are vargottam which has given him tremendous strength and karaka (significator) and digbali (full of directional strength) Saturn has given him inherent power to withhold in critical situations rather smilingly.

In Rahul’s chart, Mars mahadasha of 7 years from 14/04/2012 to 15/04/2019 is in operation. Sun, Mars are placed in the 9th house and Moon has occupied the 3rdhouse. Mars is detrimental for this lagna, therefore Mars dasha is not considered good. 

But in his case Mars has shed off some of its negative qualities due to the following reasons. Mars is placed in the Dharma house along with Sun in the 9th house. Moon, Jupiter and Saturn have aspect on it and Mars has occupied Pisces Navamsha which belongs to Jupiter.

Due to this very reason Mars started giving slightly good results after it was half way down. In other words, the remaining three and a half years of Mars dasha are bound to give good results.


Half the country asked why it is now that Rahul Gandhi has started visiting temples and showing his religious side all of a sudden. Astrological reasons are very simple.

Mars is placed in Dharma house and aspected by Jupiter as well as occupied Jupiter’s navamsha, that is why he abruptly showed his religious side. Sudden boldness is the nature of Mars, without bothering about the consequences. 

Despite all kinds of allegations against his dharmic activities by his opponents, he remained unconcerned and kept on following religiously what appealed to his heart.

Since Mars has positioned himself in the 9th house with all these good supports that is why visits to religious places showered good results and never disappointed him.

Rahu’s mahadasha of 18 years from April 2019 will begin. 

The country will see a different, MATURED, CALM, INTELLIGENT, FRIENDLY and approachable Rahul Gandhi. Unexpectedly, he has become the match for PM Modi


Rahu has occupied the 5th house and being aspected by Jupiter. Rahu has occupied Satbhisha nakshatra which belongs to him. This dasha of 18 years is going to produce marvellous results in all respects. 

Coming back to the next Lok Sabha election this dasha of Rahu will be taking over from Mars and he will be campaigning in Rahu’s mahadasha. Rahu is very potent and beautifully placed in the 5th house which denotes good deeds of past birth.

The country will see a different, matured, calm, intelligent, friendly and approachable Rahul Gandhi. Unexpectedly he has become the match of PM Narendra Modi. 

Both have their flaws and greatness and the battle of the next Lok Sabha election is going to be very interesting.

Modi and BJP want a direct fight with Rahul and finish his opposition forever. But we think Rahu’s mahadasha will enable him to face BJP very secretively and make sure he will not come in the front line against them. Rahu teaches how to conspire if the other party is hatching a conspiracy.


The political party will be a great force to reckon with and shall play an important role for the upliftment of the people of India

CONGRESS was born on January 2, 1978, at 9 am at Delhi. At the time of Congress’s birth Capricorn lagna was rising on the eastern horizon and planetary configuration was as such: Ketu–Pisces, Jupiter–Gemini, Mars–Cancer, Saturn–Leo, Moon, Rahu–Virgo, Mercury–Scorpio and Sun.


There are many charts of Congress party which were formed after few deflections but we consider this horoscope more authentic which was formed by Late Indira Gandhi after losing power in 1977.

In this chart Jupiter–Venus are in operation till October 2020. Jupiter has occupied the 6th house and Venus is placed in the 12th house along with Sun. Jupiter is involved in a Vipreet Rajayoga and which is considered good. Venus is the Karaka (significator) for Capricorn lagna.

This dasha will produce encouraging results. The same dasha will remain in operation during the next Lok Sabha elections. We think that Congress will be a great force to reckon with and shall play an important role for the upliftment of the people.

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