Clairvoyant Sees Turmoil

The coming year will be one of turmoil, says CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER, the world’s foremost Psychic Prediction maker. Brexit, Theresa May and Angela Merkel resigning… domestic chaos in the US (but Trump will survive)… Narendra Modi to return to power… Here are some his most startling soothsaying

By Craig Hamilton-Parker

I  make my psychic predictions for the coming year in September and usually do a review and some new predictions in December.

As well as making psychic predictions I also suggest spiritual remedies that we can all do to help make the world a better place. This idea is inspired by my time in India and is explained in detail in my books Messages From the Universe and Mystic Journey to India. 


Here are my psychic predictions for 2019. I got a lot right last year and you can read these on my archived pages or check them on the YouTube videos.

Internationally, TRUMP will challenge Putin over Syria. Trump will also put pressure on Imran Khan to drive out terrorists and extremists

I like to make my predictions well in advance. We know things like Brexit are going to happen but I have also included predictions here for unexpected events.

Please treat this all as an experiment. I get a lot right but I also get things wrong too. I am fallible but I do my best to use my clairvoyance to give real insights. We must ask ourselves if fate is fixed. Destiny is determined by karma and free will.


Karma is the result of past actions. It brings fortune and misfortune. The positive and negative things we do as individuals and collectively decide the future. Some of this cannot be changed because it is like an arrow that has already left the bow. Only divine grace can change its course.

We also have free will that can alter future events. Our actions and our thoughts can heal the future. If we do charitable and humanitarian acts, it not only helps people immediately but also sets up a positive karmic energy that will bring other good things.

Similarly, loving thoughts have tremendous power and can change the world. Whatever your religion, these thoughts can take on a powerful energy when sent during meditation or prayer.

Thoughts are things. They can change things.


Donald Trump will be in all kinds of trouble politically and personally, but he will not only survive, he will go on to get a second term in office. All attempts to impeach him will fail. 

Trump will promote one of his current advocates, Rudi Giuliani, to a high post but will be betrayed. Giuliani may one day run for President.

Internationally, Trump will challenge Putin over Syria. Trump will also put pressure on Imran Khan to drive out terrorists and extremists in return for a positive trade deal. Extremists are driven into Afghanistan that sees new troubles.

Trump’s illness will not be life-threatening but maybe something like a perforated bowel – serious but not terminal.

This is normally a time when the sitting party does badly. I feel Trump will fare quite well despite new scandals and do well in the Primaries. 

The US will experience a lot of seismic activity in 2018 and 2019. Hurricanes and flooding will hit Florida and the East Coast, plus hurricane winds will hit as far north as New York. 


It is common knowledge that Brexit is the anvil in Europe today. It is going to be a hard Brexit. I have predicted this since the start. A last minute deal is made with Germany and France but negotiations go to the wire. There is initial chaos at the ports, but trade flow improves quickly. There are no major medicine shortages.

The Irish border is left open. A ruptured border allows free flow of international goods into Europe. Ireland eventually enforces the border.

The City of London sees unprecedented activity and a general improvement after a sharp initial fall. I have spoken about this in the Sun newspaper psychic predictions in 2017. I believe it will happen this year and will draw politicians from all parties.

Two very crucial developments will occur. In a close inner party fight, David Davis defeats Boris Johnson, eventually becomes PM.

On the political front, again, incumbent PM Theresa May does not survive Brexit. She will be there till March 2019, not beyond. Late in 2019, may be in September, there will be another election. Tories win and we see the rise of a new political party.

Incumbent PM THERESA MAY does not survive Brexit. She will be there till March 2019, not beyond


A top company is accused of fixing an international deal using bribes. There is a Scottish influence connected with this story. Nicola Sturgeon (the fifth and current First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party) is implicated.

In science, big money will be invested into space projects. I predict a British partnership with NASA will be announced. A new British telescope will be devised to study the Sun.

In SCIENCE, big money will be invested into space projects. I predict a British partnership with NASA will be announced. A new British telescope will be devised to study the Sun

So far as natural disasters go, large swathes of the country see record flooding. Hardest hit are the West Country and Lancashire.

A large factory will explode. Initially I ‘saw’ in my psychic predictions a Gas Works but I feel that there are chemicals involved.


There will be turmoil in Europe. Right-wing and Euro-skeptic candidates will dominate European elections.

There will be a re-vamp of the European flag. It will appear in the corner of the European nations’ flags as the stars appear in the corner of the USA Flag. 

Angela Merkel’s minority position will become untenable and she will resign.  

The iconic car industry of Germany will be rocked. Trump will put high tariffs on German cars exported to the USA. China will stop German car imports.


• China plunges into recession and people take to the streets. 

• Exceptionally big bush fires will cause chaos in Australia. Canberra is most affected.

• A large meteorite will hit Russia and make international news. This is not a threat to the world but a wakeup call that we pay more attention to avert future problems.

• Russia will sell battleships and other military hardware to China and so upset the balance of power in the South China Sea. America will increase troops in the area.

• Land taken from white farmers without compensation will cause armed clashes in South Africa.

• Under pressure from Russia Turkey will retreat from Syria but fail to protect their borders from a new flood of refugees.

• Kim Jong-un will strike a deal with Trump but North Korean people will eventually revolt against their leader.

• There will be a devastating earthquake in Nepal.


These are my psychic predictions for India 2019. I made these predictions on the 3rd October 2018 and will make further predictions later this year.

CHINA will plunge into recession and people take to the streets

The Vedas are the holy Hindu scriptures and written in the Sanskrit language. The Puranas contain legends and spiritual teachings as well as narratives about the history of the Universe from its creation to its destruction. I touch on this briefly and quote some of the psychic predictions for India from the Kalagnanam. In the Sanskrit language, Kalagnanam translates as “Knowledge of Times”. This is a book of prophecy.

It predicts some strange events in the distant future of humankind.


Narendra Modi will be re-elected as PM of India. His majority will be easily sustained and we will see him as the Prime Minister of India for many more years. The Naadi Oracles also have predicted that Modi will do a great deal of good for the Indian Nation.

I predict that the current problems with Chinese influence in the Maldives will escalate. China will also try to extend its influence to other islands such as Mauritius. This growing conflict will result in a trade war with China.

India will restrict the import of Chinese goods. Although Modi will be no fan of Trump, they will nonetheless work together against aggressive Chinese expansion.

NARENDRA MODI will be re-elected as PM of India

India will strongly resist large corporations opening in the towns and cities. India will embark on a policy that emphasizes the fact the democracy is for people, not corporations.

It will be protectionist in that it safeguards its small businesses and promotes the idea that many small businesses are more powerful and democratic than a few big ones. India will lead the world in demonstrating a more democratic form of capitalism.

I predict a major earthquake that hits Nepal and Kashmir. It will also affect parts of northern India. India will come to the aid of Nepal and be seen as the humanitarian force for good.

I foresee a government drive to clean up India. This will be on an unprecedented scale and will see the poor paid to collect rubbish for a fee. The campaign will be a badge of national pride and will set an example to China and the world.

I will make some more predictions about India later, however, I will add here that India will continue to see terrible weather conditions during 2019. In 2018, I predicted the floods in Kerala.

For 2019 I see droughts becoming a serious problem. The Indian climate will lurch between severe flooding and severe drought. The rice fields of Southern India will be at risk.

China also will see crop failures from drought and will affect the grain prices for India too. India I feel will be one of the first countries to properly manage its water.

New water supplies will be discovered beneath the old course of what once was the Sarasvati River.

In my previous predictions, I have stated that ‘India will expand its borders’. I feel that in time India will take on Pakistan and endeavor to take back some of the Punjab.

It will also reaffirm its influence in Nepal and Kashmir. A time will come when Tibet will fight to free itself from Chinese occupation. At this time, India will support the Tibetan cause and become a protectorate of Tibet.

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