Battle of Two Stars

The two politicians do not see eye-to-eye, and nor do their stars. But as far as predictions from Vedic Astrology go, both Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi are all set to have a terrific year ahead

By S Ganesh

Stars Favourite: Narendra Modi

I am here delineating the chart of one of the most charismatic leaders of India. He came into political scene and became the chief minister. He came into the national front and became a prime minister.

That’s how charismatic, energetic, vibrant, philosophical, devoted, committed and fatefully blessed is the person whom we all know as Narendra Modi.

Doing a virtual journey of his life, struggle, achievement and services is in itself very exhausting and a learning process for many.

So let’s do a real journey into the stars placement and understand his achievement and growth with reference to his birth chart.

I have taken his date of birth as 17th September, 1950, and his place of birth is  Vadnagar, as per official documents.

CONJUNCTION OF MARS AND MOON forms an extraordinary yoga, called Chandra-Mangalam yoga, the first among 300 yogas

The time that I have taken is 11:44 am. In this, the rising sign – the ascendant – is Vrishchik lagna, i.e. Scorpio, and the Navamsha lagna would be Tula, i.e. Libra.

Why I have taken this? There are two reasons. One, normally a person who is born with Vrishchik rashi has excellent fighting ability, perception, an ability to look through the darkness and attain the exact goal and progress required for a person to become successful and famous.

The Navamsha is Tula, because the person should also have charismatic personality and extraordinary good persona to attract others. This combination Modi has in ample.

He, definitely, would be ranked as one of the most outstandingly good-looking eminent personality in India. Hence, I have taken this time, i.e. 11 hours and 44 minutes, to delineate his chart.

Let’s first see the merits of his chart. Ascendant, i.e. lagna, has Mars and Moon conjunct together. Here, Mars is lagna lord. Hence, this placement is extremely benevolent.

It forms a formidable Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga, known as Ruchaka Yoga. And since it is with Moon also, therefore Ruchaka yogam is twice formed – both from lagna as well as Moon.

Hence, Mars is potently benevolent, benefic and showering exceptional promises for growth and accomplishments in life.

Mars is also the 6th lord. Placement in lagna makes him a formidable character – a person who will never have an enemy, or even if there are enemies they will compromise and make him a leader.

Shastra says such persons will live a life without any enemies or contemporaries.

Here, the conjunction of Mars and Moon forms an extraordinary good yoga, which is ranked #1 amongst 300 yogas, known as Chandra-Mangala Yogam. This promises extraordinary fame and success to a native. But here, ironically, Moon is debilitated.

Therefore, it is inherently afflicted. But because it is placed in Anuradha Nakshatra, it is devoid of debilitation, dosham or affliction. Hence it promises Raja Yogam for the native.

Further, for this ascendant Moon is Bhadakadhipati, i.e. he is the 9th lord. Hence, his debilitation also indicates Viparita Raja Yogam.

And being in the lagna with lagna lord, it ushers exemplary good success and accomplishments in life for the native.

Secondly, Modi is born on Shashthi Tithi in Vrishchika rashi. This rashi is held by Mars and Shashthi Thithi’s lord is considered to be Lord Subrahmanya, i.e. Kartikeya.

The Pratyadhi Devata for Mars is Subrahmanya. Hence, the association of his lagna and tithi indicates good vision and steel-like abilities of a warrior to fight against any kind of adversities in life. This also promises great fame and success for the native.

Thirdly, for Shashthi Tithi the Dagdha rashis are Aries and Leo, i.e. Mesham and Simham. In the chart of Modi, both these lords are inherently afflicted. Since the Dagdha rashi lords are afflicted, it promises Viparita Raja Yogam.

Placement of Mars in the lagna with debilitated Moon and in Navamsha Mars is debilitated. Thus Mars is naturally afflicted. For Simha rashi, the lord is Sun.

Here, Sun is placed in the 11th house, i.e. in Kanya rashi, with Mercury and falls in Rahu-Ketu axis. Hence, the Sun is afflicted in the birth chart being in Rahu-Ketu axis. Therefore, both these lords are afflicted and they promise Viparita Raja Yogam for the native.

Saturn is placed in the 10th house with Venus. The latter is the 10th lord from the 10th house, i.e. the 7th lord from lagna. This is very good and it promises name and fame for the native.

Saturn itself in the 10th house indicates a leader of the mass who will have exceptional good success and accomplishments in life. With the 10th from the 10th lord Venus, conjunct with Saturn, becoming Vargottama that is placed in the same rashi in Navamsha is an indication of unmeasurable success in near-immortal status for the native.

Further, both these planets have mutual aspect with Jupiter placed in the 4th house. This is again indicating Raja Yogam for the native. Although, Jupiter here is retrograded and inherently weak.

In his chart there are five planets placed in the kendras and this assures good growth, progress, achievement, popularity and success for the native. He will be bestowed with national honours in his life and will be an example for others in future.

Finally, in his chart, the lagna is placed in Pushkara Bhaga, i.e. in 11 degrees. The 11 degree of Vrishchika, i.e. Scorpio, is considered to be Pushkara Bhagam and this assures very good success and progress in one’s life.

The Brihat Jatakam says that if Venus is placed in Kendra one will have extraordinary good learning and wealth. Saturn placed in the Kendra also promises one serving many people.

Also, Jupiterin Kendra indicates a person who will be involved in religious rites and having vision which will be equal to a seer. All these characters are very true to our prime minister.

So this assures his lagna and Navamsha lagna to be what we have taken in this chart. Now, as per this chart our Prime Minister Modi is undergoing the mahadasha of Moon.

I have already stated that Moon as a 9th lord is badhakesh and his debilitation promises very good Raja Yogam for the native. Hence, he is experiencing all the success and adulation in his life.

Under the mahadasha of Moon he is running the sub-dasha of Ketu till February 2019. Till this time his position will be clouded because Ketu indicates smoky atmosphere.

It will give a bhram, i.e. oblique visions. Therefore, the decisions taken during this period may not fructify as per his expectation. Hence, any major decision should be avoided till the end of Ketu sub-period in order to make good progress and accomplishment.

After this period, Modi will run Moon-Venus dasha. Venus is Vargottama and it is placed in the 10th house in his natal chart. This is an extraordinary good period and he will again rise as a formidable force.

He would make good success and progress along with accomplishments. Venus here is placed in own Nakshatra also. This makes him attain the lost grounds, or those doubts which otherwise came into his leadership or other areas of life would be washed away and he will regain the confidence and acceptability of the mass.

Venus antardasha under the mahadasha of Moon will run till October 2020 and this is going to be a good Raja Yogam period for the native. In this year, 2019, there are two major phenomenon occurring in the zodiac.

Both Mars and Venus do not have retrogation movement and this is very good and very rare event. This promises excellent result and accomplishments for Modi.

UNDER THE MAHADASHA OF MOON, Modi is running the Sub-Dasha of Ketu till February 2019, and during this his position will be clouded

He will have good results coming for this entire year as per his expectations and capabilities. From March onwards, till May, it is an excellent period and he would build on his reputations and honor.

He will spearhead a good moment and the momentum will bring him success and achievements in coming months.

From the month of July till September he has to take ample care of his health. Since Modi is running Sade-Sati the time is not very good and can produce some dangerous results.

This is Modi’s third round of Sade-Sati. There could be some remark and tarnishing factor on his reputation. So he needs to be very vigilant with regard to his contemporaries and others.

There could be some treachery or such similar repercussions coming during these months. He has to be very very careful.

Again, in the month of October there could be an important event where he would be taking some major decisions.

November and December again would prove very fruitful and auspicious for Modi. It will bring him auspicious results and he would get extraordinary good overwhelming support and understandings from the mass.

For his life also, from November onwards when Jupiter comes into his 2nd house, i.e. into Dhanu rashi (Sagittarius) he will have excellent auspicious happening and further growth and popularity coming in his life.

Very good chart and a very good year for Modi. I wish him extraordinary success and accomplishments in his life and for the nation also. 



I AM here analyzing the chart of Rahul Gandhi. We all know Rahul Gandhi is born in the Nehru-Gandhi family. He is the great grandson of India’s firm prime minister Pt Jawaharlal Nehru.

He is the grandson of late Indira Gandhi, the most dynamic leader of our country. His father late Rajeev Gandhi was also our Prime Minister, who ushered in the revolutionary technologies in our country.

Hence with a background of a dynastic rule, Rahul Gandhi was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, and a stage where he could make little efforts and can attain as much as he wants. So, his chart is of very important prominence.

I have taken his date of birth as 19 June, 1970, born at 14:28 hours i.e. 2:28 PM, and place of birth is Delhi. This I have taken from the quoting given by Indian Express, where they have verified from Holy Family Hospital regarding the birth of Rahul Gandhi.

Therefore, I find this to be more authentic and correct for delineating his chart. Looking at his chart, he is born in Tula Lagna i.e. Libra Lagna and his Lagna degree is 2 degree and 5 minutes, therefore, his Lagna is Vargottama.

HE IS RUNNING THE DASHA OF RAHU, which lasts 18 years, and these are going to be his most phenomenal and enterprising years

His moon is placed in Sagittarius i.e. Dhanu rashi in the Moola Nakshatra, Moon is at a degree of 2 degrees and 15 mins, which means he is born in Gandanta Dosham due to which he faces many twists and twirls in his life.

It is advised that he should regularly do Shanti Karma and necessary Dosha Nivarthi Puja to bring prosperity and peace in his life.

He was born with a balance of Ketu–Venus and as per his chart he was born on Purnima Tithti. These are the main details. Presently Rahul Gandhi is running the Last Dasha segment of Mars and Antardasha of Moon till April 2019. Thereafter, his major Dasha of Rahu will be operating.

Rahu dasha is of 18 years and these 18 years are going to be one of the most talked about phenomenal and enterprising years of Rahul Gandhi.

Before we proceed to analyze his chart let’s look into his merits which are prevalent in the chart. The first and foremost is, as I have told you he was born in Purnima Tithi, hence there is no Dagdha rashi or burnt rashi.

Every tithi has two rashis which get naturally burnt or without any power. And they are afflicted because they are born in particular tithi. But as per shastra, a native born in Purnima or Amavasya would not suffer from any Dagdha rashi.

Hence, Rahul Gandhi, who is born in Purnima, doesn’t have any Dagdha rashi and this is extraordinarily good because this makes all the Bhavas or the signs in his charts, i.e. all the 12 signs, vibrant and inertly very strong. They have ability to produce benevolent and good result. 

The second important merit in his chart is  that he is born in Mahabhagya Yoga. This is considered to be one of the rarest and most important Yogam.

As the name indicates, it talks about abundant good favour and one would get various means and association to make his life move forward to successful heights and achievements.

This yoga is applicable for both male and female. For male, if a native is day born in odd sign, Lagna, moon and sun are also placed in odd sign then it is considered to produce this excessively good rare Yoga. 

As I told you, Rahul Gandhi is day born in Tula Rashi i.e. Libra which is an odd sign and his moon is placed in Sagittarius i.e. Dhanu Rashi which is again an odd sign and thirdly Sun is placed in Gemini i.e. Mithun Rashi, again an odd sign.

Since they are odd sign, therefore it confirms to the traditional Mahabhagya Yoga which promises good result, growth, status, achievements, popularity, wealth and longevity to a native. 

The third merit is that he is born with Vargottama lagna and also Jupiter and Mercury are placed in Vargottama in the chart. For persons who do not know this term i.e. Vargottama, it means that a planet is placed in the same sign as it is placed in the birth chart, viz-a-viz the Navamsha chart.

Here, the same sign is rising as lagna in the Navamsha chart, hence lagna also becomes Vargottama. Jupiter and Mercury are also Vargottama, this is a very fortunate yogam.

It promises good support and association in his life and he will definitely be gaining good wealth prospects and happiness in life.

The fourth combination is a very rare yoga and seldom mentioned yoga which is present in his chart i.e Surya Mangala Yogam. This is the conjunction of Sun and Mars together.

This promises good status, position, honour, fame and success in life and it also assures immortal status to a native. Further, both these planets, i.e. Sun and Mars, are placed in the 9th House of the chart.

In the 9th  house both these planets have nearly full directional strength. So this conforms to a native’s unsurpassed good determination and fighting spirit and he will also get governmental recognition and fame.

The last merit in his chart is Mercury placed in the 8th house and as I have told you Mercury is Vargottama also. 8th house Mercury means a person who will have abundance of wealth.

Therefore, wealth factor in his chart is very good. Happiness is also good, achievements are very extraordinarily potent and these merits make a very promising chart of   Rahul Gandhi. 

Looking into the demerits of his chart, the first is Jupiter placed in the Lagna is retrograded, it is a serious dosham, and it is a serious affliction. Jupiter normally doesn’t get afflicted at all because it is fully benefic planet.

And on three occasions only Jupiter is considered to be afflicted. First is when Jupiter is retrograded, second when Jupiter is debilitated and third when Jupiter is associated with Rahu.

Here, since he is retrograded, he is afflicted and hence he doesn’t conform the full benefit position in stance and doesn’t assure complete happiness and permanence in his positions. Although, here Jupiter is having full directional strength.

Secondly, the demerit is the Lagna lord Venus. It debilitates in Navamsha in the 12th house. It is a serious dosham. Lagna Lord as per our jyotish shastra should not be afflicted in any Vargas, in Shadvarga’s principle.

If afflicts then native will have much of agony, pain and personal loss in his life. Here though Venus is very well placed in the 10th house in the D1 Chart, i.e. his birth chart, but in Navamsha he debilitates and that is the subtle serious dosham/affliction. This will cause too many agonies and unfilled dreams in the life of the native. 

The last demerit prevalent in this chart is Saturn, the poorna yoga-karaka of this chart is debilitated in the 7th house and aspects the Lagna. Saturn is the lord of the 4th and 5th houses and he exalts in Tula rashi, which is the Lagna of Rahul Gandhi.

But in this chart, unfortunately or ironically, he is debilitated and placed in the 7th house with full directional strength aspecting the Lagna. This indicates too many problems and issues coming where Rahul Gandhi has to deal with much mudsling or other accusations coming in his life. He has to face too many hurdles and unhappy turnings in his life. 

Having said his merits and demerits, now let us see the prospects of Rahul Gandhi for the year 2019.

In transit, Rahul Gandhi is running Sade-Sati. It starts when Saturn enters the 12th house from Natal Moon and goes over the Natal Moon and the 2nd house from it.

In each Rashi normally Saturn takes 2 and a half years and to complete this sojourn it will take 7 and a half years. Hence, it is termed as Sade-Sati. Presently Saturn is transiting over his natal moon in Sagittarius, therefore he is running what is termed as Janma Shani.

Normally Janma Shani is not considered auspicious or good but here since  Rahul Gandhi is running the second Sade-Sati phase i.e. Sade-Sati is coming the second time in his life, therefore in the 2nd phase when Saturn comes into Sagittarius, i.e. Dhanu, this indicates affluence, wealth and bequeathing ancestral properties for native.

Hence the period is very vibrant and very good. Saturn promises extraordinary good result in transit for Rahul Gandhi. 

When Saturn comes into next rashi from February 2020, i.e. into Capricorn known as Makara rashi, then also it promises extraordinary good bhagyam or fateful time for the native.

Therefore the entire phase of his Sade-Sati would produce very good result for him. So we can safely say Saturn is very benefic right now for him.

Regarding Jupiter, it is transiting in the 12th house from his Moon, i.e. in Scorpio (i.e. Vrischika rashi), till March 2019, which is set to produce danger.

With regard to his health he should be very careful. For one month in the month of April 2019, Jupiter would come temporarily into Sagittarius and it will transit over his Natal Moon which is also not considered auspicious.

It indicates a person being in fetters and that is also a negative factor and from May onwards he will again move into or fall into Scorpio and stay there till November 2019.

Hence, all said and done Jupiter is not very favourable or benefic for  Rahul Gandhi for this year and for the next year 2020 also when it is going to transit over his Natal Moon it is not going to be very auspicious.

But since Jupiter will be in his own sign he will not produce very malefic results. He will stay neutral for  Rahul Gandhi. Hence both these major planets in transit are not negative, rather one is benefic and the other one is neutral.

Therefore, he will get very good desired result as per his capabilities and personality with much persuance and deliberation. 

RAHUL GANDHI will definitely become a world leader after December 2021

Since he is running the Dasha of Mars-Moon till April ‘19, this period is expected to give him very good fame and popularity and Mars being placed in the 9th House along with Sun it forms a very good Yoga.

And as a 2nd and 7th Lord, especially 7th lord in the 9th House, this is very good and it indicates native would achieve much growth and progress in his chosen field. He will make very good mark of his presence and he may get some elevation in his status.

Till April 2019, the period for  Rahul Gandhi is very good as far as his career is concerned, but varies with regards to his health. He would have to be very careful in the month of February where there could be some issues.

With regard to his throat and lungs area, he should be careful. May onwards till July he has a very dicey period where he has to be very quick and vigilant. There could be some major moments which could really endanger his position or his leadership.

Since his Rahu dasha is beginning from May 2019, this indicates a very good Dasha for Rahul because Rahu is placed in the 5th House in the sign of Aquarius i.e. Kumbh rashi.

The lord of this House is Saturn, which becomes the dispositor of Rahu. Saturn is debilitated in the 7th House from Lagna. Our shastras say if Rahu is associated with debilitated planet or afflicted planet or his dispositor is debilitated, Rahu Dasha will produce Raj Yoga results and here the dispositor Saturn is debilitated and it is placed in the 7th House representing public images and opinion and this by default gives Rahu a strength to produce Raj Yogam.

So Rahul Gandhi can expect very good result coming, but as per shastra again, Rahu-Rahu-Rahu is a period when it will produce some malefic or testing results. And this period, of three months to five months, is very precarious.

He should be very careful in his decisions with much deliberation and taking into consideration the advice of his peers.

August to October 2019, the period is again very good where he would have to work really hard and which will produce very good results for him. He would mark his presence and he would really be a force to reckon with from August onward.

Then November-December 2019 again is a period where he has to be again careful over his health. There could be some auspicious happening coming in his life from November onwards. We could all be listening to a very happy moment in his life.

Rahu and Rahu antar dasha will get over in December 2021 and till this period it will be a very testing, tiring period for  Rahul Gandhi. After this he gets a Raj Yogam, and he will definitely attain the dream of his life. He will definitely become a world leader after December 2021. I wish him all success and luck in life and stay happy and lead the country to progress.

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