Narendra Modi: One Man Army

Today Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister, leader of more than a billion people. He is…

Modi in Parliament : Not a Parliamentarian

Never engaged in debate, never answered questions, never made statements after

Calibrated Campaign Blitzkrieg Meticulous, Humongous

The BJP engaged in information warfare to capture the voter’s mind-space months before the election

Modi Matters

There was no trace of Modi wave on the ground but the impressive majority of the…

Big Boss Is here to Dictate

Under Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS has started asserting that it will not just write the script

BJP-Opposition Tango

The BJP seems to have changed its stripes and is not mowing down opposition criticism, rather,…

The Baba-Neta Parivar

They love each other. More precisely, they need each other. Politicians need babas for their vote…

Women in Politics-Long Way to Go

Today, as a modern and progressive nation, India can justifiably feel proud about the power

A Nazi ‘Democracy’

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