2022: Year of Agenda For Millennial

These are exciting, even euphoric times for India’s youth. Never before have the opportunities been so…

Fundamental Landmark In The History Of Indian Education

New Education Policy places a welcome emphasis on a holistic, student-centric, flexible system that aims to…

Swachh Bharat Mission: A Complete Eyewash

Swachh Bharat Mission was launched as a nationwide movement to clean India-by Sandeep Pandey

Environment Ministry: A National Disappointment

Historically, our traditions have been designed in a way to protect and conserve environment.

Predicting is Protecting

This year north India saw an unprecedented heatwave in spring. In 2013

Squeezed Lives in Kathmandu

Flesh Trade have become part of what is called-By Sutirtha Sahariah

Holy Sewerage

In his 2014 poll campaign, Modi said ‘Ganga Mata’ By Sandeep Pandey


The apocalyptic day when we will beg for a glass of water is not far away.…

Call From The Sunainas

The media is stoking language issues around the Draft Education Policy-by Robin Keshaw

The Right & Right To Education

The New Education Policy suggests increasing spending on education from 10% of total government expenditure to…