The Unstable Global Triangle

Currently, the largest economies of the world are in turmoil.

The Economy of Permanency

Breach of principles of growing a society from the base, through agriculture and cottage industry

Critical Energy Crisis Looms Large in Europe

Ingenuously envisioned, and perhaps mischievously engineered by Russia, a huge and unprecedentedly

Gandhian Economics is Still Relevant

Mahatma Gandhi was against the sort of modern economics, which is essentially violent and benefits the…

75 Years of Business: India Inc in Corrupt Company

An ethical history of India Inc. over the past 75 years, with the various twists and…

Economic Consequences of a Pandemic

Owing to the deeper economic consequences of the current pandemic it is imperative to understand how…

TDS – Tedious But Fascinating

Tax Deduction at Source, by all standards, is the most trusted “Valet de chambre” for the…

Ontology of Money

The concept of money has been changing over the ages, and the gap has increased more

PAYING TAXES Is it ‘taxing’? No, it’s ‘inTAXicating’!

The TIOL National Taxation Awards event was all about celebrating legal compliance in the Indian economy.…

Union Budget can Still Eschew Nosebleed for Taxpayers

The fundamental chemistry, also a baffling mystery, of the budget-making is a puzzling maths! Finance Minister…