‘‘Oneness is an Enlightened State Where All Suffering And Division Has Ended’’- Sri Krishnaji

As the co-creator of Oneness, Sri Krishnaji has a vision to help people discover their true essence and live with joy, prosperity, and meaning. He is a spiritual mentor who has inspired millions with his teachings and insights. In a candid conversation with our Managing Editor Geeta Singh, Sri Krishnaji shares his views on various aspects of spirituality
  • Science has primarily focused on the external and not the inner world. with advancements in science, IT is validating the impact of meditation
  • Soul Sync meditation changes the brain state. So the resulting mind is focused. So from a distracted mind, you now move to a focused mind
  • Enlightenment is not a concept. It is a physical change in your body. When your brain moves to Gamma, you have an enlightened mind
  • As you become more and more enlightened, you realise that you are connected to the whole of humanity, Mother Earth, everything

BEFORE stepping into Ekam, I had a vague understanding or ‘anubhav’ of oneness and its divine nature. I could put it into words but struggled to truly feel it. Everything changed when I walked through Ekam’s doors. The ideas they preached became palpable in every fibre of my being and the space around me. As I walked out of Ekam, I felt a sense of oneness that I had never felt before. We had a detailed conversation about different perspectives of spirituality with Sri Krishna ji. Here is an excerpt from that.

Q: Namaskar Mukti Guru Sri Krishna ji. Tell us About your family and your spiritual journey. How did it start?

Sri Krishnaji: My family is a spiritual family. My parents are Sri Bhagavan & Sri Amma. I have been part of the spiritual work from a very young age. When I was 11 years old, I had a profound Divine experience. My divine experience was a mystical experience of cosmic consciousness. I also had the divine appear in my heart and spoke to me. I shared this experience with my father Sri Bhagavan. So that is when he asked me if you can transfer this divine into somebody else. And I was 11, so I said, I can try.
And that is how the phenomenon of Deeksha began. So Deeksha is where I am able to awaken you to the Divine in your heart. I am also able to transfer a powerful state of consciousness to you. And Deeksha is also where I bless people very powerfully. So, things happen for them. So, that is my spiritual journey. It is directly inspired by the divine. And then my journey began into wisdom teachings as I grew older. And I am also a person who… reflects a lot. Ever since my childhood, I have always had this understanding that my happiness is something that I need to always figure out. It is not in the hands of somebody else. So, uh, I’ve always been a person who goes inward, reflects, and my vision also has always been to keep people around me and be very joyful.

Q: From where have you done schooling and your formal education?

Sri Krishnaji: Up to 10th standard I studied in Jeevashram, my father’s school, from 5th to 10th grade. After that, I studied in Chennai. So, in school, I was cricket captain, volleyball captain, I was captain for everything. Children loved me, having me as their leader. So that was my nature. And then I went to the University of Southern Queensland in Australia to study Psychology and Mass Communication. And then I came back midway and I started this whole project, Ekam, at the age of 19. Later on I completed my masters in Philosophy and Religion.

Q: Is there any difference between Oneness and Ekam? What was your idea behind Ekam?

Sri Krishnaji: Oneness is the name of the movement. Ekam is the sacred structure at the heart of it. Both words represent the ultimate state of enlightenment. Where there is no separation and there’s no division. My idea was to bring about this enlightened state into people.
Enlightenment has been the vision of our work from day one. I had a significant revelation about human suffering at the age of 32, which became the starting point for my mission and teachings. The courses and everything you see are designed by Sri Preethaji and me, based on our spiritual and mystical experiences. Ekam, meaning oneness, isn’t about merging religions; it’s about a deep sense of unity within ourselves.

You cannot bring two family members together. Forget about bringing religions together. Because we are conditioned separately. Our brains are different. The way we think is different. Each individual is different. And, we have our different samskaras, different vasanas, everything. So there is no way, you can bring all cultures and religions and make it into one. Unless, 500 years from now AI – artificial intelligence will open up new possibilities. Then you’re looking at a very different world because science is learning how the brain is functioning.

In the High Gamma state, your brain shines brightly, and you experience a profound sense of unity with everything around you. There’s no feeling of difference or distance from others. This enlightened brain state occurs when billions of neurons synchronise, fostering a vibrant sense of oneness. In this state, there is no division or separation; your brain vibrates in harmony

You must know that once science deciphers the entire human brain, you’re going to have a massive leap in the way society is going to function. In this way, technology is going to leapfrog. Systems are going to evolve.
So, what we are talking about is Oneness. It is an enlightened state where all forms of suffering are gone. Where regardless of your life circumstances you can live free of stress. I don’t talk about a permanent state, but I talk about the state that you can effortlessly reach whenever you want. That is enlightenment. To transcend all forms of division and separation, stress and anxiety that are created by your illusory self.

Q. You are bridging the gap between science and spirituality. How do you reconcile these two domains, given that some see them as distinct, how do you plan to promote this synthesis?

Sri Krishnaji: Absolutely. I had an event with a big leader. He is a biologist who works on anti-aging. He is from Harvard University. And he came as a skeptic and stayed with me for 10 days and he became the biggest follower of our work because he felt that science, spirituality, and science go together. Science has so far only addressed the external. It has still not reached the point where it can address the inner world. Today science has progressed to the point of validating the impact of meditation and the truth of higher states of consciousness through research in neuroimaging, blood tests, and so on. When you do meditation, your blood is changing, your brain is changing.
And we also do brain studies. We have the Oneness Consciousness Lab, where we actually study what is happening to the brain when our consciousness is moving into a state of enlightenment. So this is how science is now depending a lot upon spirituality. We are working with scientists to establish the truth of enlightened states of consciousness in the world.

Q: You often speak about the different states of the brain.

Sri Krishnaji: In our daily lives, most people typically have their brains in beta mode, pulsating between 14 to 30 cycles per second, except during sleep. This beta state is often likened to a “monkey mind” state, where addressing problems can be challenging. Mind is the consciousness of the brain. The way you experience the quality of many of your brain’s activities is with your mind. Your mind, which is the awareness of your brain’s activities, is not something we can physically scan. The more healthy your brain, the more healthy is your mind. When you are in this Beta state, your focus is short-lived, you can’t be attentive, you cannot memorize, and you cannot connect with people at a deeper level. You will always be distracted by something else.
The next is Alpha wave mode. When your brain is pulsating between 8 to 13 cycles per second. It’s slowed down a lot. When that happens, your focus, your attention, your memory, and your concentration and your presence in life situations increase a lot. We help thousands of students train themselves into alpha brain wave mode through Soul Sync meditation.
Soul Sync meditation changes the brain state. So the resulting mind is focused. So from a distracted mind, you now move to a focused mind, a mind that changed.

Next is the Theta state, where the brain pulsates between 4-7 cycles per second. In this state, your brain is like an antenna, where we have a special unique power, and capacity to access universal intelligence. Now great breakthroughs in the world are known to happen when you are in a theta state. When you give up conscious effort, suddenly your brain moves to theta. And then you have a sudden breakthrough.
Theta is kind of mystical.
So when you attend our Bodhi programs, we push your brain to Theta, where you have the gift to access the universal intelligence and mystic states of consciousness.

The Theta state occurs when the brain cycles between 4-7 cycles per second. During this phase, the brain acts like an antenna, providing us with a unique ability to access universal intelligence. Major breakthroughs often happen when the mind is in this theta state. When you let go of conscious effort, your brain naturally shifts to theta, leading to sudden breakthroughs

Then comes Delta, which is 1 to 3 cycles per second. This is usually a dreamless sleep state. This is also the space of certain kinds of samadhi.
Scientists now have newly discovered Low Gamma and high Gamma. This is a new discovery.
Very, very interesting. So when your brain is pulsating 60 cycles or more per second, it is in low gamma, the brain is vibrating very, very fast, much faster than beta. But there is a coherence. Millions and millions of neurons vibrate at that speed and you are in theta. In this state you usually experience compassion. That means you feel for the other.
When you are in Beta brain wave mode, you only think about how others feel. To feel how others feel, your brain has to change. This change happens when your brain waves go very fast, at 60-85 or more cycles per second. This is called a high gamma state. In this state, your brain is very bright and you feel one with everything. You don’t feel any difference or distance from others. This state is considered an enlightened brain state, where all the billions of neurons in your brain synchronize, creating a vibrant sense of oneness. In this state, there is no division or separation; your brain vibrates in unity.
So enlightenment is not a concept. It is not some hypothetical thing. It is a physical change in your body. When your brain moves to gamma, you have an enlightened mind. A mind that is not limited to all separation, and division.
Currently, our minds tend to be quite limited, often perceiving things within certain frameworks and creating divisions like “me” and “mine”. However, when the mind becomes enlightened, it transcends these limitations. In an enlightened state, there is no sense of “me” and “mine”; instead, there is a profound experience of oneness.
So a great human being is one who is able to function from these higher brain wave functions.

Q: You always want to make the world better for everyone. You want people to change themselves and the world. Sri Krishnaji, what kind of change are you talking about?

Sri Krishnaji: See, we are thinking we are separate individuals. You and your wife are not separate. You both are connected. You both are connected in your consciousness, in your mind, in your state of being. She can feel you so many times without you being there. You could feel her so many times without her being there. In the same way, you’re able to feel your children. you’re not this body, you’re beyond this body. As you become more and more enlightened, you realise that you are connected to the whole of humanity, Mother Earth, everything. That is who you are. You arise in oneness with the entire universe.
All cells are in harmony with each other. They are communicating in their harmony. When cells’ harmony breaks down, you fall sick. When oneness within the cells, hormonal communication breaks down. That is when you start to fall sick.

Mind is the consciousness of the brain. The way you experience the quality of many of your brain’s activities is with your mind. Your mind, which is the awareness of your brain’s activities, is not something we can physically scan. The more healthy your brain, the more healthy is your mind

We are part of this mother earth. Mother Earth is part of us and we are part of the entire humanity. So what we have seen is that when a family member changes, it has a deep impact on other family members automatically. We believe that as we transform individually, we impact the world. If 81,000 people (0.001% of humanity) can achieve oneness, Sri Preethaji and I think it can positively influence humanity’s consciousness. This could lead to fewer global problems, and increased compassion, and kindness. We don’t need to go to war to solve every problem. We envision a world where conflict isn’t the default solution.
Awakening brings greater intelligence to solve issues—a phenomenon known as phase transition. We believe that when enough people achieve enlightenment, we can make the world a better place..

Q: What is ‘Manifestation’ in spirituality, which Sri Preethaji teaches?

Sri Krishnaji: Manifestation is something that you have the power to do. Recognize that you’re not just an individual, but connected to a universal intelligence. When you’re aware of this connection, you can manifest. However, if you see yourself as a limited individual, manifestation becomes challenging. Awakening to the understanding of your connection happens in a beautiful state. Being in a beautiful state means you are connected to universal intelligence. On the other hand, when you’re in a state of suffering, you become self-obsessed and disconnected from others, solely focused on yourself.
Sri Preethaji, through her meditations and wisdom, guides us to awaken the power of connection. In a recent online event with youth, I just had the manifestation meditation and one of the things I was telling them is, that they have to awaken to gratitude. Taking moments to appreciate, such as expressing gratitude for the person who prepared your food or for Mother Earth, activates the intention for manifestation.

We believe that as we transform individually, we impact the world. If 81,000 people (0.001% of humanity) can achieve oneness, Sri Preethaji and I think it can positively influence humanity’s consciousness. This could lead to fewer global problems, increased compassion, and kindness

Q. Sri Krishnaji, you are meeting so many global leaders. And what do you advise Indian leaders – a business leader, a social entrepreneur, or any, anyone, or political leadership?

Sri Krishnaji: I would say that they all have to become enlightened leaders. See, the new generation of leaders must be enlightened leaders. While we already have leaders who excel in making money and strategic thinking, the challenges we face today, such as climate change, pollution, and the proliferation of plastic waste and harmful food consumption, require a different kind of leader. To address these global issues, we need enlightened leaders— a leader who is awakened to connection, a leader who’s awakened to greater intelligence, a leader who’s awakened to calmness, must be calm, must be peaceful, a leader who’s bravely able to connect to the universal intelligence, a leader who’s truly compassionate. Then the world is definitely going to be a better place.

One of the casualties that many leaders create in the process of their rise is their families. Many leaders neglect their families as they climb the ladder of success. They think they are giving their children the best of everything, but they are not there for them. They lose the connection and the appreciation of their children, who do not want to inherit their empire. They face many psychological and existential problems.
I urge every leader to become enlightened and focus on their state of being. Then they will be loved and respected by their children, who will also love and respect the world. They should be enlightened leaders, parents, and friends.

Q: What is the Lokaa Foundation and what does it do?

Sri Krishnaji: My daughter Lokaa, who came here seven years ago, had a vision of helping the children in the villages. She noticed that they were very happy, but their happiness was fragile without proper infrastructure. She believed that development should focus on “human beings first, and infrastructure next”. So we chose some villages where we worked on the children and then the parents. In these villages, when parents used to engage in alcohol consumption, the primary cause was often family quarrels, leading to children feeling depressed or wasting their lives. Our initial focus was on addressing their inner well-being for six months to bring about increased happiness and stronger connections.
We had to dissolve caste consciousness.
After working on inner well-being, we moved on to development. The progress we made was widely appreciated. Lokaa Foundation is currently involved in five World Village Projects – one is completed, two are in progress, and three more are in the planning stage. Once all five projects are completed, and they are designed to be sustainable, Lokaa aims to showcase them to the Prime Minister of India.
Creating these sustainable, world-class villages doesn’t require much investment; it’s quite cost-effective. What’s essential is strong determination and a visionary team. We are fortunate to have the support of the National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR), in this endeavor. Villagers attended sessions in Hyderabad to learn about sustainability, and it brought about a transformation in the panchayat leader. She is now committed to making their village sustainable.
The special thing about these villages is that it’s not just about being sustainable; they also value spirituality. The real magic is in how happy and fulfilled the people are. When big leaders visit, they’re amazed at the villagers’ happiness. This teaches them that being happy is about what’s inside, not about having lots of money. The folks in these villages, who are happy and friendly, prove that joy doesn’t depend on how much money you have.

Geeta Singh

Geeta Singh has spent 20 years covering cinema, music, and society giving new dimensions to feature writing. She has to her credit the editorship of a film magazine. She is also engaged in exploring the socio-economic diversity of Indian politics. She is the co-founder of Parliamentarian.

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