Cultural Fusion Political Fission

While idli-dosa-sambar and Hindi films forge a rare national unity in the cultural field, Hindi as…

The Sinking Heaven

It is among the most beautiful spots on earth and controls all that lies in the…

Kerala’s Kedarnath

It is one of the most scenically beautiful spots in the country, where the land mafia

Sati’s Yoni Mystique

Enraged by insult to her husband, Lord Shiva, by her father, Sati killed herself. By Rajeev…

Northeast Two-Timed

There was much hope when the NDA came to power at the Centre, then in Assam,…

The Grace of Kumartoli

The fragrance of wet clay from the Ganges, dry straw beneath one’s feet-by Prasanta Paul

Maa in ‘Maati’… Maanush Furious!

Mamata Banerjee’s naïve politics of Muslim appeasement has dug-by Chandan Nandy