June 2023 Issue

Melting Earth

The endless ignorance and greed is gradually lighting the wick of our own doom.

The Power of National Identity

The essence of belonging has long been pivotal in shaping human history. It nurtures a sense of comfort, fostering attachment…

Tales of Insolvency: Seven-Year (GL)ITCH

The new Bankruptcy Code led to stupendous successes, fantastical failures, and dozens of amendments since it was introduced in 2016.

A Theory of Cultural Conflict

By Parliamentarian IN the early 1990s, noted political scientist and Harvard professor Samuel P Huntington introduced the theory known as…

Will India be Sandwiched Between A “Clash of Civilisations” And A “Thucydides Trap”?

India faces a complex web of global interactions that demand careful navigation. The upcoming decade is particularly significant for India

Caught Between Israel And Palestine

Due to the recent Israel-Palestine crisis and changing geopolitical dynamics, New Delhi faces challenges as it seeks to maintain a…

October 7 And Beyond: Decoding The Hamas

Geopolitics in the Middle East and West Asia have been reshaped by Hamas’s recent attacks on Israel. This piece explores…

Middle East War: Changing Paradigm in The World of Intelligence

The recent surprise attack by Hamas on Israel exposes the vulnerabilities of the CIA and Mossad in dealing with cyber…

Indomitable Bengal: Divided, But Not Divisible

From the 1905 partition of Bengal to the modern political landscapes of India and Bangladesh, Bengal remains a crucible of…

Bharat Versus India: The Name Change Game

The ongoing debate over renaming India as ‘Bharat’ reflects the deep conflict of identity, culture, history and politics.

One Nation One Election: A Game-Changer or a Gamble?

From a right-wing authoritarian party like the BJP, simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and state assemblies have raised concerns

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