Eureka Moment

In a candid revelation about her album ‘Radical Optimism’, pop icon Dua Lipa has opened up about a pivotal moment in her creative process. She described ‘Illusion’ as the track where she fully embraced the concept of radical optimism. During her ‘Variety’ interview, Lipa recounted feeling an empowering shift as she wrote the song, marking a personal evolution. She noted, “I discovered a newfound strength, allowing me to play with illusions while staying true to myself.” In the same creative burst, she penned ‘Happy for You’, which, despite its ballad-like qualities, diverges from her usual style. This period of songwriting signified personal growth and a deeper connection to her music, allowing her to express her vulnerabilities openly and honestly. The experience was transformative, marking a period of significant artistic and personal development for her.

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