Journey Of Survival

Noted actor Prithviraj Sukumaran and director Blessy spent ten years bringing their dream project, “The Goat Life,” to life. The film, inspired by Benyamin’s novel “Aadujeevitham,” tells the story of Najeeb, a worker from Kerala who becomes a slave in Saudi Arabia. Prithviraj explains that the delay wasn’t due to funding but because the Malayalam film industry’s revenue models were not as developed then as they are now. Prithviraj, who also distributes films through his company, notes that Malayalam cinema is expanding its distribution networks, particularly outside Kerala. “The Goat Life” boasts a stellar cast including Amala Paul and Hollywood actor Jimmy Jean-Louis. With music by A R Rahman and sound design by Resul Pookutty, it is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. A theme that deeply resonated with Prithviraj during filming, especially after the crew overcame challenges like being stranded in the Jordan desert due to the pandemic. The film’s journey mirrors the survival story it portrays.

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