Greedflation Drives Inflation

Since the past decade, executive salaries shot up by $500,000 a year, and workers’ wages by…

The Unstable Global Triangle

Currently, the largest economies of the world are in turmoil.

Dictator Dominates Despite Dragon’s Doddering Demeanour

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Gandhi The Forgotten Hero

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Trapped in Honey Trap

Espionage is a game, where those harvesting information must keep upping the ante by constantly inventing

Women Spies In The Corridors of Power

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Animalistic Immorality of Politics

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Mission Amrit Sarovar: Elixir of Life

Amrit Sarovar, the water conservation mission envisaged by our beloved PM

Wastewater Sludge Management: Need of an Hour?

Wastewater is unfortunately released into natural environments untreated because water utilities