August 2023 issue

My Idea of India – Nitin Jairam Gadkari

Union Minister for road transport and
highways, Nitin Gadkari shares his unparalleled vision of a new india that can emerge from finding the real meaning of freedom in an exclusive cover story

Bridging Disparities: Fostering Social Harmony Through Development

By Nitin Gadkari

As a political leader my philosophy is centred around the concept of “Antyodaya,” echoing the ideals of Swami Vivekananda

India-US Agreement Atma-Nirbhar or MNC-Nirbhar

By Alam Srinivas

Made-in-India became Make-in-India. The policies to create a self-reliant India may achieve the opposite – dependence on foreign MNCs.

Electoral Reforms: How to Make Elections More Fair and Transparent

By Dr Mohan Kanda

Democracy is the cornerstone of modern governance, providing citizens with the power to elect representatives who will govern on their behalf.

Story of The Indian Foreign Service and its Political Masters

By Arun Bhatnagar

Foreign policy and foreign affairs of India have been challenged and transformed since independence by a changing geopolitical environment.

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