Nitin Gadkari reaches Parliament in a hydrogen-powered car

An advocate for alternative fuel, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari walked the talk on
Wednesday when he reached Parliament in a hydrogen-powered car. The car, a Toyota Mirai, is
first of its kind in the country and is part of a pilot project to study its effectiveness on Indian
roads and climatic conditions.
“To become Atmanirbhar, we’ve introduced green hydrogen which is generated from water,”
Gadkari told news agency ANI outside the Parliament. “Now, manufacturing of green hydrogen
will begin in the country, imports will be curbed & new employment opportunities will be
created,” he added.
Gadkari highlighted the Centre’s Rs 3,000 crore mission to become a global exporter of
hydrogen. “Wherever coal is used (in the country), green hydrogen will be used there,” he said.
Earlier this month, Gadkari launched the green hydrogen-based advanced fuel cell electric
vehicle (FCEV), calling it one of the best zero-emission solutions. “Toyota Company from Japan
has given me a vehicle which runs on green Hydrogen. I will use it myself as a pilot project (on
alternative fuel,” Gadkari had said at the inauguration event.
The Minister has championed the use of alternative fuel in Parliament as well. “I can say within maximum of two years, the cost of electric scooter, car, autorickshaw will be same as petrol-driven scooter, car, autorickshaw. Prices of lithium-ion batteries are coming down. We are developing this chemistry of zinc-ion, aluminium-ion, sodium-ion batteries. If petrol, you are spending Rs 100, then on electric vehicle you will spend Rs 10,” he said in the Lok Sabha earlier this month. This comes amid the issue of rising fuel prices rocking the Lok Sabha, with the Opposition demanding rollback of the prices and a discussion in the House.

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