September 2023 issue

India’s Chances to Fly to $5 Trillion Economy

How realistic are the chances of the Indian economy going past the $5 trillion GDP mark in the near future?

Sutanu Guru explores its potential and pitfalls


Amidst a whirlwind of debates and controversies, the prospect of India’s GDP crossing the formidable $5 trillion mark

The Rise of The Army and The Fall of Democracy in Pakistan

By Pranay Sharma

The army has tightened its grip on Pakistan’s politics by passing two controversial bills that give it more power and immunity.

Shooting Darts Politics of Targets

By Alam Srinivas

Each government strives to change the socio-economic state of the country through grand social welfare schemes, audacious infrastructure projects, and well-intentioned policies.

Lunar Exploration: Unravelling The Moon’s Mysteries

By Abhijit Chanda

India’s space program has evolved from ancient astronomy to modern lunar exploration. We have emerged as a prominent player, with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

Jan Vishwas Bill Right Prescription?

By Shivanand Pandit

The Jan Vishwas Bill’s enactment presents a complex interplay between economic growth, ease of doing business

Waterways: A Sustainable Navigation For a Greener Future

By Dr Mohan Kanda

As humanity grapples with environmental concerns, it’s imperative to recognize our interconnectedness with nature.

India’s Migration Boom Why Are Indians Migrating Abroad so Rapidly?

By Ranjit Bhushan

India’s remarkable rise as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies has been accompanied by an unexpected phenomenon

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