New Public Relations Commissioner meets Chhattisgarh CM, Vows to Boost Communication & Coordination

In a gesture of goodwill and collaboration, the newly appointed Commissioner of the Public Relations Department, Mayank Srivastava, paid a courtesy visit to Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai at the State Guest House Pahuna on 4 January, Thursday evening.

Strengthening ties

Upon assuming office, Srivastava took the initiative to meet the CM personally and discuss the ways to enhance the communication and coordination between the two vital departments of the state. Srivastava, who has previously served as the Director of Information and Broadcasting in the Central Government, is known for his expertise and experience in the field of public relations and media management. He has also been instrumental in launching several innovative campaigns and initiatives to promote the welfare and development of the people.

The Chief Minister, who took charge of the state in December 2023 after the BJP won the assembly elections, has been focusing on improving the governance and administration of the state, as well as tackling the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maoist insurgency, and the economic slowdown. He has also been keen on reaching out to the public and addressing their grievances and aspirations.

A congenial meeting

The meeting, held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, marked the beginning of a renewed partnership between the Public Relations Department and the Chief Minister’s office. The CM warmly welcomed the Commissioner and extended his heartfelt best wishes for the responsibilities that he has undertaken. He also expressed his confidence and optimism about the collaborative efforts that would unfold under Srivastava’s leadership.

“I am glad to have Shri Srivastava as the Commissioner of Public Relations. He is a dynamic and visionary officer who has a proven track record of excellence and innovation. I am sure that he will bring a positive change in the way we communicate and interact with the public and the media. I look forward to working with him closely and achieving our common goals of serving the people and the state,” the CM said.

A fruitful discussion

The discussions during the meeting reportedly covered a wide range of topics related to public relations, communication strategies, and the coordination between the Public Relations Department and the Chief Minister’s office. The Commissioner and the CM exchanged views and ideas on how to improve the dissemination of information, the feedback mechanism, the crisis management, and the image building of the state and the government. They also agreed to hold regular meetings and consultations to review the progress and performance of the public relations activities and initiatives.

The Commissioner expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and the trust bestowed upon him by the CM. He also conveyed his commitment to promoting transparent and effective communication strategies that would enhance the public awareness and participation in the state’s development and welfare.

“I am honoured and humbled by the opportunity to serve as the Commissioner of Public Relations. I thank the CM for his guidance and support. I assure him that I will work hard and sincerely to fulfil his vision and expectations. I will also strive to create a strong and positive relationship between the Public Relations Department and the Chief Minister’s office, as well as with the public and the media. I believe that communication is the key to success and satisfaction, and I will do my best to ensure that we communicate well and often,” the Commissioner said.

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