Empowering Women and Children: Uttar Pradesh’s Mission Shakti 4.O Initiatives

The Uttar Pradesh government, under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s vision, has orchestrated a multitude of programs under Mission Shakti 4.0. These initiatives span across the state, aiming to elevate awareness among women, disseminate information about government initiatives, resolve their immediate concerns, and educate children about personal boundaries, in addition to other undertakings in the fourth phase of Mission Shakti.

To ensure the success of this phase, a comprehensive contingent comprising 28,965 police personnel and 7,738 officers and employees from diverse departments have fanned out across the state. They have visited gram panchayats, wards, neighborhoods, educational institutions, and festive venues established during Sharadiya Navratri, including pandals and Ram Leela stages. These endeavors encompass street plays, short films, theme songs of the Women and Child Protection Organization, audio messages, and discussions. The government’s programs extend to 40,655 gram panchayats, 11,695 wards, 76,043 puja pandals, and mela grounds, with a primary focus on empowering the women of the state.

Padmaja Chauhan, the Additional Director General of Police for the Women and Child Protection Organization and the designated officer for Mission Shakti, reported that during the fourth phase of Mission Shakti, from October 15 onwards, police and officials from various departments visited 76,043 puja pandals, Ram Leelas, and mela grounds across the state. Furthermore, numerous programs unfolded in 40,655 gram panchayats and 11,695 wards, witnessing the participation of 939,188 women and 949,340 men.

During these interactions, 804,159 information materials about the Yogi government were distributed, and children in 15,466 schools and colleges in the state received education about personal boundaries. The outreach also encompassed 3,667 cultural programs, 8,692 short films, and 14,109 audio clips, accompanied by 4,467 street plays.

In addition, awareness campaigns were conducted at 16,273 railway and bus stations, as well as other public spaces. Women beat workers met with 2,595 female crime victims to assess their well-being. During this time, 2,986 family members of the victims received counseling and essential assistance, while 2,198 victims themselves were provided with counseling and support.

It’s noteworthy that women beat workers identified 6,303 individuals with a history of criminal activities and executed 3,450 court-related orders. They also received 6,269 complaint letters during their visits and at pink booths, with 5,648 of these concerns being resolved on the spot.

Furthermore, a significant development in women’s empowerment has seen the establishment of dedicated women’s police battalions in key locations like Lucknow, Gorakhpur, and Badaun. The implementation of safe city projects in 17 cities, alongside the operation of 100 pink booths and 1090 analytic centers in Lucknow, has fortified safety measures for women.

Other notable achievements include support for maternal and child welfare through the Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, which has aided over 54.44 lakh mothers. Additionally, educational empowerment initiatives have benefited more than 16.24 lakh beneficiaries through the Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumangla Yojana, with the grant amount raised to Rs. 25,000 starting from the fiscal year 2024-25.

Entrepreneurial support has been extended to over 2 lakh women entrepreneurs via the Pradhan Mantri SVANidhi Yojana, fostering economic independence and active contribution to the nation’s growth.

The fourth phase of Mission Shakti, commencing on October 14, builds on the previous successes of the mission, consolidating and expanding its achievements.

Efforts to combat crimes against women include the formation of Shakti Mobiles at all 1535 police stations in the state, ensuring stringent legal action against perpetrators and counseling for their family members.

The Nirashrit Mahila Pension Scheme provides monthly financial support of Rs. 1,000 to widowed women who meet the eligibility criteria.

One Stop Centers have been established in all districts to aid women victims of violence, offering necessary medical, legal, and administrative support, benefiting approximately 1.50 lakh women so far.

A night escort service has been launched, providing security to women traveling between 10.00 PM and 6.00 AM through the 112 helpline.

Financial inclusion is promoted through the appointment of over 58,000 women as banking correspondents, known as ‘Sakhis,’ particularly benefiting women in rural areas.

Furthermore, the support of 29,000 ‘Shakti Didis’ strengthens the women’s power in Uttar Pradesh. A special campaign in rural areas and slums has organized 10,357 awareness programs addressing issues such as child marriage, the eradication of child labor, and other child-related crimes. These programs actively engaged 403,901 individuals and included 4,320 short films and 2,763 street plays featuring 2,098 participants from non-government organizations and various institutions.

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