Darkness is Not an Immortal Truth…

It is always followed by a blaze of hope

By Tridib Raman

FOR the past two years, we have witnessed a chaotic waltz of darkness, whether that is novel Coronavirus, the Delta variant, or the newborn Omicron, the many ugly faces this pandemic has donned, just to sting us viciously. The Grim Reaper always hovered over us; intimidating us with humongous, grim death tolls. Families scattered, children left orphaned, jobs snatched away, but the innate will to live, to survive, sustained. Neither did we give up and succumb to despair or let anything waver our ardor to live. This is is what life is, as long as the blood in our veins keeps pumping, fate will always throw new challenges at us.

Just as a river doesn’t let anything stop her from flowing and reuniting with the ocean, whether that is a herculean obstacle-ridden path or gigantic mountains, we also need to endure that life keeps flowing, don’t immure it with bad dreams, unforeseen perils. Don’t let the pain and anguish of your problems prey on you. This is what we must accept and learn in this new, sanguine year of 2022.

For this new-year issue, our editorial team has collated a list of certain figures who have managed to keep hope alive, even in these dark times for leadership. One might disagree or disapprove of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ideology or his ever changing facades but one has to admit that he has always kept himself open to new ideas, unconventional traditions, and a new type of politics. They should also commend the competence of the opposition and whether that is Rahul or Priyanka Gandhi, they have always challenged the government at every turn and relentlessly questioned the ruling party. Under the leadership of Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS chief, the Sangh started asserting that it would not just write the script but also direct and even choose who the actors will be, upstaging the upstart duo: Modi-Shah. In his various speeches, Bhagwat wanted to show that RSS has always been the prime force to bring BJP into power. Getting into another argument regarding whether politicians like Amit Shah are meant to be, or not meant to be for a more public-spirited way of politics, is not on our
agenda. However, it is still true that he is the most powerful man followed by PM Modi in today’s time.

Don’t let the pain and anguish of your problems prey on you. This is what we must accept and learn in this new, sanguine year of 2022

Varun Gandhi, the next person on the list, may or may not have the support of the throne-bearers but it is true that currently, he is one of the leading figures to carry forward a new sort of optimistic politics. He says that he doesn’t want to confine his politics to the 80:20 (Hindu-Muslim) or 85:15 (Backward-Forward) playstyle. His pro-people ideology aims to prioritize youth, women, farmers, and the common working class. Such leaders should be accepted open-mindedly.

Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in the country and with election time right over our heads, we must also appreciate the youth leader, Akhilesh Yadav who has managed to give an almost indomitable competition to the ruling BJP. One can question his goal of trying to become a champion for the backward castes but the way the people of UP look at him currently, with hope-filled eyes, it is evident that he has managed to place himself in the list of the top 15 of power-players. All the people present in the list carry a flame of hope for their people and in this new year of 2022, all eyes will
definitely be on them.

However, this time, for our cover story, while presenting this list of these 15 personalities we have also done an experiment of sorts. Not only have we done the classic theoretical analysis of their political future and strategy but also done an astrological analysis with the help of two immensely learned astrologers. Rajesh Hassija, who has also spent two decades working in a strategic position in the Intelligence Bureau, and Sanjay Chaudhry, whose widespread predictions you might have seen in innumerable newspapers and other print media. This is is quite a fascinating experiment. Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr, a countrywide known name in the journalistic world, has offered his political analysis on these 15 personalities.

Our issue of February 2022 sheds light upon the union budget. It is our attempt to conjecture through our analytical investigation as to whether the government has tried to pick the common man’s pocket or fill it so that in today’s financial crisis one might be able to take a breath of relief.

How did you like this issue of Parliamentarian and if you have any comments, questions, or feedback, we would love to hear about it at ntiparliamentarian@gmail. com. Lastly, always remember that a grim night is always followed by a morning filled with sunshine of hope and maybe this morning, it might knock at your door.

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