Carrying Forward A Legacy

As the countdown to the Delhi elections narrows to less than a month, with the polls scheduled for May 25, Bansuri Swaraj’s campaign is in full swing. Her days start at the crack of dawn, packed with roadshows that stretch into the evening. She traverses the length and breadth of her constituency, engaging with voters at vegetable markets, local gatherings and residential clusters. Her message is clear and resonant: “I am the living legacy of Sushma Swaraj’s values, and I promise to uphold them.” At 40, Bansuri Swaraj is vying for her maiden electoral contest as the BJP nominee from New Delhi Lok Sabha seat. Her campaign blends her mother’s enduring legacy with her own progressive vision. Bansuri’s rise in politics is a journey of self-discovery, her legal acumen and deep understanding of the political landscape position her as a formidable candidate.

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