Big War in 2020?

The situation in the Indian subcontinent is already serious. There is political and economic crisis in both India and Pakistan. China is playing foul, supplying Pakistan with nuclear utilities and selling submarines to Bangladesh. Now it seems the border skirmishes will blow up into a full-fledged war soon. If that happens, a global conflagration is most likely, predicts the fabled astrologer KN Rao

Two articles I wrote in 2016 for the Journal of Astrology and displayed on my website INDIA ENTERS A PERIOD OF SERIOUS BORDER SKIRMISHES, 13 October 2016, 10:58 AM and also used in Parliamentarian of January 2017 is being talked of now as India and Pakistan are facing each other in a war like confrontation on Indo Pak border. In 2010, in an international conference in Vishakhapatnam, I had predicted that world war three would take place  after 2030. But serious wars will break out in many places in the world, particularly Asia and on India Pakistan and Chinese borders. It is not good for any nation of the world but that is going to be the history of contemporary Asia of 2019.

FIRST the attack on Pathankot army base, then the attack on Uri army base… reportedly by terrorists, but Pakistan-supported terrorists, nonetheless.

Then came the reported ‘surgical strike’ by the Indian Army in Pak occupied Kashmir, flattening several terror bases there. Pakistan and the UN denied it.

But is that all? Just border skirmishes? A surgical strike here and there? There was a surgical strike by India inside Myanmar territory to finish off Naga rebels. But the one with Pakistan is different. It is almost war, slowly creeping on the two countries and with China too, and by 2020, it will be a full-fledged war that will last long and have
devastating consequences.

The mahadasha of Moon, the third lord, with Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Sun in the third house of Indian Independence horoscope aspecting the ninth house, along with Mars from the second house, ushers in a period of achievements in so many fields, particularly in space and communications (Mangalyan and the PSLV as evidence), but on the negative side are skirmishes with neighboring countries, including China, some of them serious enough to look like a war.

I DID NOT FEEL IT NECESSARY TO TAKE AN ALARMIST VIEW, but future years will show more serious border clashes till it leads finally to a war in 2020 which will be a culmination of all this,  in what would be quite a cataclysmic war

The occasion to write this is a prediction circulated virally about a serious war between India and Pakistan from 15 October, 2016, where one astrologer has predicted a very definitive action by India to put an end to Pakistan’s nefarious designs to be a constant irritant by bringing up the Kashmir issue time and again. This alarmist view created panic, and ABP Hindi news channel asked me about it. I said that it is like a kabaddi match (in which raiders from one team go into the other’s territory, followed by the opponents raiding them), which has been going on for more than six decades, in fact, ever since Kashmir acceded to India in October 1947.


I did not feel it necessary to take an alarmist view, but future years will show more serious border clashes till it leads finally to a war in 2020 which will be a culmination of all this – a cataclysmic war

Writing this became necessary because the issue of India’s surgical strike in Pakistan Occupied Territory on the night of 29 September has become a hot controversy in the political circles of India. India has the antardasha of Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn in her Independence horoscope.

Pakistan’s situation is worse than India’s, because of the mahadasha of the seventh lord, Venus. This will cause, both, border skirmishes as well as revolts in places like Baluchistan, where rebels now get open support from India, and some international sympathy from USA.

The result of it all will be that the border clashes will look like seeds of World War III. Now look at the four Chaitra Shukla Pratipada horoscopes of India and draw your own conclusions after reading my comments against each of the horoscopes, birth, navamsha and dashamansha.

These signs also indicate a series of devastations in both India and Pakistan, such as earthquakes, starting in 2017. But in the meantime a first rate crisis involving freedom of press have engulfed Pakistan. A major newspaper, Dawn, ran a report that the civilian government has warned the army that Pakistan is facing growing international isolation. 


The Pakistani army has been back-seat driving its civilian governments throughout its history, so a civilian government telling the mighty army such a thing is big news and should be taken as a warning.

Only China, its all weather friend, will stand by it because of the latter’s hostile relations with India. There is no doubt, as is also visible astrologically, that China will not miss this chance for creating trouble for India and India’s border skirmish with it will resemble a war.

That Pakistan is alarmed has been evident from the fact that Cyril Almeida, a Parsi of Goan origin, who wrote the piece, is being hounded. He has already been put on Exit Control List, and was said to be shot dead in 2017. The social media was agog with this.

The then Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, was reeling under the impact of the leaked Panama Papers, which mentions that he and his son own offshore companies. For a while he received a reprieve from the Lahore High Court which did not allow the petition on this to be heard. Border issues only helped him distract public attention from his failures.

Western powers, United States of America and Russia are busy selling their armaments globally on a very large scale and never want peace anywhere in the world, as it does not favour their arms industry. United States of America has been involved in at least three wars in every decade in the history of the world since the conclusion of the Second World War in 1945. It is fatuous to expect peace to prevail in the world we inhabit.


Then there is the ultra-Islamic thought of Muslims wiping out all other religions of the world. So expect peace not to reign in the Asian sub continent. China has stuck to its String of Pearls strategy of surrounding India, recently selling Bangladesh some submarines.

THEN THERE IS THE ULTRA-ISLAMIC THOUGHT of Muslims wiping out all other religions of the world. China has stuck to its String of Pearls strategy of surrounding India in the Indian Ocean

So there may be more border trouble once moderate Sheikh Hasina government is replaced and fundamentalist Muslims come into power. Even the ISIS and Pakistan have a huge presence in Bangladesh. Against this background see the horoscopes given here of Hindu New Year for 2020 – the year of these skirmishes becoming menacing.

Rashi- Mars in the fourth house with the sixth lord Saturn, also aspecting the seventh and tenth house shows continuing border clashes looking like a regular war.

The navamsha is more ominous with Mars in the fourth house aspecting Saturn in the seventh and getting aspected by Saturn in the fourth house shows the seriousness of the situation.

Dashamsha – Mars, exalted in the eighth house and aspecting the seventh lord Jupiter, the seventh lord in the second house and aspecting Saturn in the eleventh house and also getting aspected shows a secret plot to surround India and wage war is clear here.

Rashi- Mars in the eleventh house aspecting both Saturn and Jupiter and Ketu in the sixth house shows more serious situation this year.

Navamsha – Mars aspecting the sixth house and Saturn aspecting the seventh house and both sixth and seventh lords confirms it. 

Dashamsha- Mars aspects the seventh lord, Venus, and Saturn aspects the seventh house here. 

Rashi- This is very serious here with exalted Mars and Saturn in the seventh house as happened in October 1962 when Sino-Indian war took place. 

Rahu will be entering Vrisha and that is a serious threat of disturbance to peace internally in India and the communal poison will be spreading all over India. Navamsha- Mars again in the twelfth house aspecting both the sixth house and the seventh shows a secret plot which can be between two countries not on friendly terms with India. 

Dashamsha- Mars in the lagna with the seventh lord Jupiter is indicating a very serious situation here.

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