April 2024

Is Modi Really Unstoppable

india’s impending lok sabha lections witness BJP’s formidable hindutva-driven campaign, testing democratic foundations. Meanwhile, the opposition contends with internal divisions and strategic quandaries

Is Modi Really Unstoppable?

By Arun Bhatnagar

As India approaches the Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s electoral juggernaut seems unstoppable

Viksit Bharat on Course, Minus a Few Hiccups in Gyan Quartet

By Ranjit Bhushan

PM Narendra Modi, known for his strategic acumen and knack for encapsulating complex ideas into memorable acronyms

2024 Lok Sabha Polls Rise of Youth Power

By Geeta Singh

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are expected to be an electrifying saga for our democracy, characterised

Who Will Women Vote For in 2024?

By Rashme Sehgal

As the 2024 Lok Sabha elections draw near, the spotlight is firmly on women voters, who are increasingly recognized

Can America Ever Elect A Woman President?

By M R Dua

America has never elected a female president in its 252 years. The recent exit of Nikki Haley from the presidential race

How Emotions Shape Our Voting Behaviour

By Barish Raman

Emotions are not mere distractions or obstacles to rationality; they are essential components of our political psychology.

The Bond Breakdown

By Geeta Raman

The Electoral Bond Scheme has sparked intense debate over political funding

Power And Pitfalls of Communication

By Dr. Mohan Kanda

Communication is like magic—it helps us understand each other and work together, just like animals in nature do.

Pakistan’s Politics Shadow of The Military

By Pranay Sharma

Amidst a backdrop of economic turmoil and strained international relations, Pakistan’s political landscape has been marked

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