West Bengal - Charge of the `Right Brigade’


West Bengal’s ‘red’ ostriches are sinking their heads in the sand to weather the storm, but the saffron brigade is making fast inroads into what was till now an adamantly secular and largely Lef..

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South bangalore - safe under modi’s shadow

Ananth Kumar is not one of the top politicians in the country, but has been trying to see how best to keep his boat sailing smoothly...


Tamilnadu - the magnificence of jalikattu

Jalikattu is highly misunderstood. It is nothing like the blood-letting bull fights of Spain, but a form of prayer for the well being of the cattle, the farmers and prosperity of the village...


West bengal- new ravana in nabanna

The lady who was once at the forefront of protecting the media in Bengal when the Left ruled from ‘Writers Building’, Didi has shifted the secretariat to ‘Nabanna’ but, like CPIM, has continued with media terror...


uttar pradesh - media: sold to the satan!

The best known scribes in India’s largest state have willfully sold their souls to politicians and their own managements to bag huge largesse in terms of advertisements and palatial accommodation...


West bengal - darjeeling: unseemly hill queen

Mamata Banerjee got her handpicked man to replace the ‘dangerous’ Bimal Gurung, but the movement finds no support from either state or central BJP, which the Gorkhas supported, but now detest for letting them down...


Karnataka - caste’ing calculations

Karnakata polls coming next year will be singularly marked by caste equations, and it seems BJP had got its upper caste...


Uttar pradesh - yogi governance gone berserk

There is a complete failure on all fronts by Yogi Adityanath as Uttar Pradesh chief minister, whether it be in crime control, healthcare, infrastructure development or protection for minorities. It is just all Hindutva...


Karnataka- hindi beda, kannada beku

The saffron party has been facing the double-edged knife of a ban on Hindi and the use of the Kannada flag, for it can neither support the demands nor oppose these...


Odisha - mahanadi is dying... with her children

The politicians’ greed in both Chhattisgarh and Odisha has left people in the latter state with little water that is highly polluted, and no one cares, as a field visit shows...


‘agni’ to be part of kalam memorial

The Inter-continental ballistic missile Agni, a prestigeous product developed by former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam when he was part of the DRDO, will find a pride of a place in the Abdul Kalam memorial to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 27, the second death anniversary of the scientist-Pr...

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