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The magazine reaches to leaders of politics and business, Ministers and Secretaries to the Government of India, Members of Parliament, industrialists, the decision makers, top officials, media professionals, thought leaders, educationists and students from top universities in India.

Readers Profile

Our readers are decision makers and domain experts, holding positions pivotal to the growth of the nation and their respective organisations

Average Experience at work

14.8 years

Total Experience


with over 5 years of experience


with more than 10 years of experience


Most of our readers are actively involved in the governmental functions of the nation. Parliamentarian also finds an audience among CEO’s, Founders, Partners and Entrepreneurs for whom it is important to stay abreast with the economic, trade and policy climate in the country.

43% of our corporate readers are owners/partners/principals

Some of their responsibilities include- Policy making, Advocacy, Ideation, Innovation, Leadership and People Management, Governance, Building and Driving Business, Governmental recognition of CSR programs and policies, Seeking Partners and Forging Alliances, Targeted Marketing, Social Awakening, Public Address.

Defining Characteristic

Intellectual, Successful, leadership Position, Decision Making Ability, Eye for quality, detail and design, Understands the audience well, creative, mostly busy