This is for you if you are looking to move beyond the conventional style of advertisement and branding. Custom marketing helps your brand to engage decision makers with some groovy ideas and different look. Parliamentarian offers you an inimitable level of expertise and brand recognition, where we surgically target the niche. A dedicated think tank maintains and proliferate your brand reach, while working on the principles of integrated marketing communication.

By associating with us you can easily reach to

  • Political Leaders, including cabinet minister, Secretaries to the Government of India, State government offices across the country
  • Top business leaders, decision maker, industrialist, PSUs, miscellaneous organisation and prime movers
  • You can easily spot us at airport lounges across the India, hotels, etc.
  • Prominent libraries like Central hall library (Parliament), National Media Centre, IIC, Indian Habitat Center, etc

We have a proven track record of quantifiable results and ongoing success for our marketing partners

Content-development strategies developed by an editorial team who knows how to speak to and motivate leaders

Option to customise your product

Content Marketing: Where advertiser tries to customise the message to the specific customer.Our content marketing programs drive profitable customer actions by offering targeted audiences consistent and relevant information, resources, research, news, data and insights. Our custom content is aimed at the business owners, who want to highlight how their products add value to the lives of their audience. Our team produces a wide variety of print, digital, video, infographic and interactive products. Our market knowledge and editorial expertise are ideally suited to highlighting our marketing partners' product and service offerings. While we develop content in collaboration, our marketing partners can ultimately decide how it’s used for as long as they choose.

These custom data visualisations expand on native stories through the use of elegant maps, charts, illustrations. Interactivity, video elements and photo galleries round out the offerings designed for maximum interaction and visual impact. Parliamentarian customises and recommends distribution and amplification plans for content across various channels including digital, social, experiential and print in Parliamentarian's network and beyond, resulting in:

  • The ability to reach the target audience when they are most receptive to message
  • Persistent and consistent touch-points with the target audience


Parliamentarian youth Conclave- a periodic celebration of the world’s youngest economy- witnesses participation of ministers, political and thought leaders, business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the nation. With a focus on youth, the Parliamentarian Youth Conclave acts as a bridge between the unheard youth, the business owners, the domain experts, the administrators and political leaders. The conclave witnesses free exchange of ideas, phasing out the noise from broadcast and propaganda. Parliamentarian tries to develop turnkey solutions that create opportunities that increase awareness, consideration and purchase intent.