‘Sackman’ Trump - An American Trauma


The intolerant president is either sacking his own men or they are resigning, with fissures in the GOP clearly widening. Europe has gone against him and now a billionaire is funding an impeachment adv..

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Fall of the 4th estate


The media has come under almost total control of the corporate interests and government subservience, but the fault is to a large extent its own..

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Pincer attack pinches hard

Before people, especially small traders and businesses, could recover from the traumatic demonetisation, the GST crushed them even further...


Congress the spoiler

KC Tyagi, Janata Dal United leader, Rajya Sabha member and the party’s National Spokesperson, is one of the senior-most socialist ideologues in the country having a career spanning over 40 years. He spoke to Parliamentarian’s Lucknow Bureau Chief Srawan Shukla ...


Theatre needs full honesty

noted Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi, Belonging to a small village of Bihar, said that people always complain that they could not do anything because of meagre resources, but that could be our real strength, he told Parliamentarian’s Managing Editor Geeta Singh...


I have no enemies

Rajeev Shukla has been in news in recent times more because of his work in the cricket world. People may have forgotten, but he had been a journalist for 18 years. And he has some special abilities as we see In his tete-a-tete with Editor-in-Chief Tridib Raman...


The aids beater

AIDS is an affliction that renders people hopelessly burdensome. And it is a plague in India’s northeast. But here is the story of a man who has destroyed contemporary myths about the malady and stands out as an emblem of courage...


Struggling back

Bihar is almost like a bad word, especially given its abject poverty and unemployment. But the legacy has been created carefully since British times, and the present dispensation is trying to get out of this...


The new mockery

The policy of Narendra Modi has created a new category of discrimination in India. It mostly overlaps the rich-poor or caste-outcaste divide - the toileted and the toilet-less ...


Chariots of the gods!

Politics today remains a primordial profession in which the issue is not of rule of law and governance, but whose god is more powerful, yours or mine, and even the launch of Mangalyaan, India’s scientific wonder, was propelled by a puja...



One of the crucial curbs on freedom in India is on right to expression, as seen by the monstrous rule of un-law by the film certification board under the saffron controller Pahlaj Nihalani...


Dragon’s footprints

New research shows that China had never given up fueling northeastern rebels, despite a promise made to Atal Behari Vajpayee, and rebel groups like ULFA are issuing pro-China statements today...

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