Dissension on Dialysis?


This year is the 50th anniversary of a great dissent. Danny the Re was a hero of rebellious France. But dissenters seem to be a dying lot, with israel Naftali Bennett a feeble voice..

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Cracking in Karnataka


After the good showing in the northeast recently, the BJP has high hopes of taking this one bastion, but there are too many dissenters within to tide over the crisis..

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Unrelenting protestor

The docu filmmaker has been at loggerheads with the establishment, no matter which party is in power, and believes dissension cannot be killed, whether by Hitler or bhagwat...


Mighty mind’s misery

Arun Shourie’s was a lot of song and dance about Narendra Modi all through the 2014 national polls campaign, but dumped after that, he has become a bitter critic, often losing his intellectual objectivity...


Courtrooms in celluloid

Indian cinema has had a long and clear history of how the courts work and how the common person sees it, like say in Oh My God, where God is Himself on trial!...


Judicial polity - america unabashed!

Early on in American history, Abraham Lincoln set up the example of brushing aside the core of American Constitution: segregation of the powers of the judiciary and executive. And even now, beyond Obama’s restraint, incumbent president Donald Trump is hell bent on trampling on judiciary’s independence...


Distress of bumper harvests

Increase in farm output has not ensured decent livelihood for farmers in the country...


Pushed to the edge

Killings by cow vigilantes have been an important catalyst for violence stalking the country in the recent past. Hindu vigilante groups calling themselves Gau Rakshak Dal have targeted Muslims and Dalits over cow slaughter and beef-eating...


Politics, 24 frames a second

filmmakers in the West have always been prolific in churning out brilliant films based on royalty as well as politicians...


Monumental misjudgement!

The recent handling of cases by Supreme Court has raised serious questions over the judiciary’s probity, especially that of the apex court’s judges, and top lawyers have likened some of the proceedings to a ‘fish market’...


The only ‘man’ in her cabinet

Indira Gandhi never shied away from taking tough decisions, often sailing through choppy waters, and she came out as India’s foremost prime minister...


‘sackman’ trump - an american trauma

The intolerant president is either sacking his own men or they are resigning, with fissures in the GOP clearly widening. Europe has gone against him and now a billionaire is funding an impeachment advertisement campaign...

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