youth is Power


Varun Gandhi, the young MP from Sultanpur, was evocative about his own ilk’s powers. in the much applauded “my idea of india” session at the “parliamentarian youth conclave”, moderated by parliamentarian editor-in-chief tridib raman, gandhi traces the history of the indian youth movement, and youth power, since the days of the independence movement

It is a great pleasure to be speaking at the Parliamentarian Youth Conclave on a subject very close to my heart, a pained heart because despite being the youngest population in the world, our youth perhaps do not know the genesis and history of the role it has played, and is even now playing, in shaping our nation. To the galaxy of stars sitting in the audience today, which includes Vijay Goel ji, Bindeshwar Pathak ji, Prakash Javadekar ji, Tridib Raman ji and young friends, I make my humble offerings.

Today itself we have 41 per cent population below 20 years. These youngsters are the assets of our country. Yet, today youngsters don’t feel themselves well connected to politics. But this is not right. In India we have a very rich history of youth revolution. There are lots of people who are not aware of it.

The first youth council titled ‘Academic Association’ was created in 1828. It was from the Hindu College, Calcutta. In 1936, the All India Youth Federation came into existence in Lucknow.



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