Washout Of Monsoon Session?


It looks as though Parliament’s monsoon session will be a washout. Prime Minister Modi’s declaration that government was ready for a face-off with the Opposition, has meant that no work was done in the first week of the session. The BJP’s crisis management group is trying to establish a working relationship with the Congress, reason why the prime minister greeted Sonia Gandhi when the session opened. There was however no positive response. For that matter, Venkaiah Naidu tried to call up Rahul Gandhi at his Tughlaq Lane residence a number of times but he didn’t come on the line. The government wants to introduce seven new bills in the Parliament and pass 10 pending bills but the daily tamasha is not helping. The bills include the Real Estate Bill 2013 (which is with a select committee for now), Whistleblower’s Protection Bill 2015, Juvenile Justice (Amendment) Bill. Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill 2013, Electricity Amendment Bill 2014, Child Labour Bill and Mental Health Care Bill 2013.



Since the time of the first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru till now under the seemingly tottering establishment of Narendra Modi, there has always b...