The three mistakes of Rahul Gandhi


Armed with youth power and natural aggression, Rahul Gandhi, vice-president of Congress, the party that won 44 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, wants to take the party to newer heights. But he often makes mistakes, thanks to the speed at which he wants to do things. The latest example is that of Captain Amrinder Singh, the trailblazing leader from Punjab Congress. With the Punjab elections in mind, Captain wanted to speak with Rahul on a one-to-one basis. Since Amrinder has seen Rahul ever since he was little, he still addresses Rahul as “baba”. Thus, Captain called at Rahul’s Tughlaq Lane residence and said, “Tell baba I want to have lunch with him; he can ask for me anytime during the week.” A few days later, Congress’ Dalit leader Raju, who also takes care of Rahul’s work, called up Captain saying he should come home with Bajwa ji. That is because Rahul ji wanted to speak to him only in presence of Bajwa ji. Captain was extremely upset when he heard this, and the news coming from sources is that he hasn’t even considered meeting Rahul after that.


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