The stars are aligned against the Bharatiya Janata Party, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his truIsted lieutenant, party boss Amit Shah. The result is an expected violent mass unrest, with disappointed youth to the fore. Modi is shifting from project to project without completing any. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi is on the ascendence and will rule the Congress in the near future

INDIA’S Lagna is Taurus. Moon-Mars is in transit till February 8, then Moon-Rahu will operate throughout the year. This will create utter confusion among people of India. Financial crisis may give rise to unrest. The government’s adamant attitude will be matched equally by unhappy crowds demanding money, their money, on the streets.

Moon has occupied the third house. Moon is involved in Pravajra Rajyog. Wonderful Rajyog. Moon is in operation at the moment, Moon is not very comfortable in this sign because this sign belongs to Venus and Taurus and Moon and Venus are not very comfortable with each other. Moon belongs to young people. It represents something new, indicating tremendous changes ahead.

So the country’s ethos will be tampered with and emotional issues will take centrestage in 2017. Youth will get awakened and some movement, some unrest will take place. Agitation, revolt, revolution. Something like an Anna Movement will be seen in 2018, but the seeds will be seen in sown in 2017 itself.

Youth are being used and not getting any benefit. This government has come to power with their support but they are now largely disappointed with it. This will cause a lot consternation all across.


Lagna is Gemini. Sun’s mahadasha is in operation. Sun is placed in the tenth house, which represents power. But the third house is occupied by four planets and the lord of the third house is placed in sixth and eighth from itself if you count from both sides. The third house indicates prowess - parakram. In Sun’s dasha, it seems BJP may drop from its present position. They hoped their prowess will increase, but they have themselves jumped into a well. Sun and Mercury are in operation from 6/6/2016 to 13/04/2017. Mercury is in ninth house and debilitated and afflicted by Ketu. An afflicted Mercury brought down BJP’s popularity from top to almost its nadir in this period. Sun-Ketu will operate from 13/04/2017 to 19/10/2017. This will create a chaotic situation among the leader and the party cadre. Subtle opposition to Modi’s leadership from within the party, might also emerge.Modi will continue to be the PM but murmuring will start against him. From 19/10/2017 to party is likely to recover its ground.


My prediction about Amit Shah is based only on Moon chart. Moon is in Aries and Mars in debilitated in the fourth house. Neech Bhang Rajyog has taken place between Moon and Mars. That is why Amit Shah has achieved so much in his life. Sun is also debilitated in seventh house. This indicates that he is man of determination and has the ability to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. He has no limits of hate and love. He can change his philosophy and statements to suit the occasion. In all eventualities, winning is the only criterion for him. Saturn is in eighth house which creates bad omen and Jupiter is in sixth house from Moon right now and Rahu is in fifth. All these transits are not very favourable. 2017 may create problem for his leadership.

If you compare the charts of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah you will find cementing (nexus) of stars. His lagna is Scorpion. And debilitated moon is placed in lagna along with Mars. Mars is involved in a Rochak Panch Mahapurush Rajyog. Due to presence of Mars, a Neech Bhang Rajyoga of Moon has taken place which has elevated him to Prime Minister’s chair. Unfortunately, Mars which is responsible for Neech Bhang Rajyoga of Moon (debilitated and breaking, the time when a yoga neutralises the effects of a debilitated planet), is itself debilitated in the Navama chart. This situation makes Mars extremely weak. That is why PM Modi put his entire career at stake in 2016. Demonetisation is a big gamble he has taken. His actual rise on the national scene started from 2009 when Moon mahadasha was in operation. Mars has given all its power to Moon. He has been shifting from project to project. He doesn’t wait for completion of a project, he shifts to the next project. That’s hampering his reputation. This is happening due to debilitated Mars. He doesn’t realise the energy needed to complete the project - whether it’s Swachh Bharat, Make in India, Bullet Train, Smart Cities, Rurban India, or even for that matter demonetisation. He is thinking very fast and feels projects will be completed in due course, hence in his chart Moon-Saturn are in operation from 1/12/15 to 2/7/17. Mars is debilitated in D9. On top of it Saturn is detrimental for Scorpion lagna and is a bitter enemy of Moon. Sadhe Satti (the 71/2 year cycle) of Saturn is also running at present, that is why he has taken such a risky decision of demonetisation. Saturn in Moon in his chart creates problems for Modi. He should have conducted himself in an organised manner. Saturn tells him to go slow but Moon directs him to run faster and faster, causing him to trip on the way to his future.


Lagna is Capricorn and right now Jupiter and Mercury are in operation till May 2, 2017. Then Jupiter-Ketu will operate till the end of the year. Congress will gain momentum after April 2017. Ketu-Jupiter are in operation till July. After that Saturn will operate till the end of the year.


Sonia Gandhi’s health will be a matter of concern and she may not be able to participate in party affairs as actively as it used to be. She will have to take special care of her health in the second half of the year. Rahul will play very important role in the coming months. He will gain momentum in 2017 and after April, his role will be bigger in the party and will gain a lot in stature. Rahul will become the supreme leader of his party. Congress will regain lost reputation in 3017 but will still not be in a position to dislodge the Modi Government at the centre.


Arvind Kejriwal is in politics by default. As there is good strength in his chart, he seems to be Karmically getting all the success whatever he has till now. But he is sure to achieve more.

He is the sort of a person who is loved and hated at the same time. He has Neech Bhang Raj Yog by Shani. He may get ill reputation but he may come out of the same. His real time starts in 2019. He will learn his lessons in 2018, especiaslly keeping his words in control. Right now, he is running by default. He is having a roller coaster ride at the moment, but is on a tight leash. From 15th of January Mayawati’s fortune will dwindle, but as of now it is fine. In coming time, Rahul Gandhi’s horoscope matches with Mulayam and his son. There is a possibility of coalition of Congress and SP as Sonia’s horoscope doesn’t match with Mayawati’s. Demonetisation will be beneficial for Congress and Mayawati. For government formation SP will emerge, however, Mayawati is likely to appear in strong position. Consequently,


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