Startups Challenging Ecosystem


If there is a youth conclave, can a session on startups be far behind? The Youth Conclave’s longest session was on that, and with panellists such as Avinash Saxena, Co-Founder - Roposo, Saurav Kumar - CEO Cube26, Alok Gupta - CEO Graphisads and Geetartha Barua –Director, Aduro Impact Technologies, the session moderated by Harsh Ranjan and Bibin Babu was exciting

“What is your career objective? Studying and then taking up a job or studying and then becoming a job creator”? Asked the MBA teacher to the final year students of IIM, Indore. Before the students could reply, the teacher added that an IIM tag will get you a decent job with salary package ranging from Rupees 25 lakh to 75 lakh per annum. But you may not earn as much in the beginning if you start your own venture and become a job creator.

Silence prevailed in the classroom for a while before some students raised their hands to speak. Sir, said T. Ramesh, I wanted to become an entrepreneur by starting up my own venture but my friends and parents raised a big question mark on success of my startup, so I dropped the idea. Most of the students dittoed Ramesh’s concern and said that it’s easy and better to get a job and lead a sound life.



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