Sporting Questions


With sports bodies in a lamentable mess, it will be a difficult task for the country to make up the deficits, when other countries are doing well. more worrisome, as sports minister vijay goel revealed in a “parliamentarian Youth conclave” session moderated by media expert and anchor harrsh ranjan, is that children are not playing physically, but only on mobile phones

Union Youth affairs & Sports Minister Vijay Goel’s son is fond of sporting activities. He likes to play cricket, football and even basketball but the minister is not at all happy with what his son is playing, rather he is concerned about his health. Surprised? A child taking part in sporting activities and the father getting concerned about his child’s health? But this is a fact, as the minister’s son chooses to play all these games on mobile phone and not on the ground. The Minister of Sports is not the only parent who has to deal with this situation. More than 60 per cent of the children are keeping themselves engaged playing on mobile phones. And the sad part is that the number of such children is increasing with every passing day. The figure is even worse in urban India, especially the metros and ‘A’ grade cities. Now, with the greater penetration of internet in rural India, the village boys are also going off the fields onto their smartphones. The situation is becoming very alarming but the sports ministry is getting every possible thing done to send back these mobile phone loving children on to the grounds, assures Goel.




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