Mission sc for swamy


SOME earlier decisions of the Modi government might take a new shape. It is said that Modi had assured the ultra-active Subramanian Swamy a post in his cabinet. But time went by and there was no sign of that. It is now being said that during a crucial meeting with the PM, the reckless Swamy was given a key assignment. He is to remove the stress that has developed between the Modi sarkar and the top judiciary. It is already well known that the PM is peeved with the incumbent Attorney General. And the name of a prospective new AG, supposed to a key Amit Shah man, has been more or less finalised. It is a matter of time before the old one is shown the door and Shah’s man ushered in. Swamy has now been tasked with opening up a conversation with the top judges. The tenure of the present chief justice of the apex court, Justice TS Thakur, ends on January 3, and Justice Kehar is slated to take over from him. Sources say that the new czar is close to former law minister Hansraj Bharadwaj, who in turn is famously friendly with Swamy. So the latter can trust Bhardwaj to create a win the confidence of the new CJ Justice Kehar.



Since the time of the first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru till now under the seemingly tottering establishment of Narendra Modi, there has always b...