Gender At A Tender Age


Congress MP Sushmita Dev stresses that women’s empowerment is not a legal but a mindset issue, and should start from home at a tender age. during her session at the parliamentarian youth conclave, “politics: equality vistas”, moderated by independent journalist srawan shukla, she shows how despite many amendments in laws, nothing really has changed

Equality should start from home to end gender bias. That is the firm and clear opinion of Congress MP from Silchar, Assam, Sushmita Dev. That she is serious about taking gender equality shows in the fact that she wants a chapter on the subject in school textbooks, said Dev, one of the strongest voices in Parliament and outside it. Accepting a suggestion from a young participant Preeti at the recently concluded Parliamentarian Youth Conclave, Dev said that education was the most effective and important tool to bring in a qualitative change in the society and she would certainly take up and raise the issue of including a chapter on equality and women empowerment in textbooks. Women empowerment should start from the ground level in India.

Speaking at the conclave on “Equality: New Vistas’, the most vocal Congress MP pointed out: “Many laws have been framed in the country from 1947 to 2017 to end gender bias but it did not bring in the desired results in changing the mindset of the society. So the change has to start from the ground level and it should begin from every home.”

Dev gave examples of the Nirbhaya rape case and other such cases in Uber taxis.

Laws Mean Nothing

“Many amendments have been made to check rape, gender bias, domestic violence and acid attacks but despite that such incidents have continued unabated. Thus, there is an urgent need to change our mindset and attitude towards half of the population, instead of making new laws and carrying out more amendments,” stressed Dev.



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