A lot of turbulences are already there: wars, famine, earthquakes, epidemics… and there is going to be more in 2017, which is governed by the Sun. And then the Sun itself will restore balance and make us move towards a Golden Age

WHEN our Editor at Parliamentarian magazine told me that we are doing a special issue on astrology in the January Edition of 2017, I was a bit surprised, but also happy that someone was thinking on those lines. As a student of astrology, I know and believe that astrology or Jyotisha is Para Vidya. Some call it super science.

As we are told in our Astrology classes, any science must fulfill three fundamental principles

Cause and Effect: When there is a cause, there is definitely an effect. In astrology it is seen that if a planet occupies a particular house it has a particular effect.

Replicability: The results have to be the same in all places and all times. Mix two atoms of hydrogen with one of oxygen, whether you do so in New York or New Delhi, the result will always be water. Likewise astrology also gives replicable results. No matter where you are located and when, the effects of the planets and the Nakshatras are the same.

Standardardised Methodology: Modern science is based on standardardised method in any experiment, In astrology too you have a standardised methodology. You need to have the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to get the natal chart to predict. In a scientific experiment, you change one of the parameters and the result changes. Similarly if you change any input of date, place or time the result will change. So astrology conforms to all the three parameters to be called science.


But astrology goes a bit farther than sciences. Modern science can predict about visible causes and visible effects but cannot deal with an invisible cause and invisible effect. So astrology is not just Vidya (science) it is Para vidya (that which goes beyond textual science, that is, it is super science).

All the stars, planets and galaxies that can be seen today make up just four per cent of the universe. The other 96 per cent is made of stuff astronomers can’t see, detect or even comprehend.

These mysterious substances are called dark energy and dark matter. Astronomers infer their existence based on their gravitational influence on what little bits of the universe can be seen, but dark matter and energy themselves elude detection.

“The overwhelming majority of the universe is: who knows?” explains science writer Richard Panek, who spoke about these oddities of the universe at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. “It’s unknown for now, and possibly forever.”


So what exactly happens in this invisible realm? How does this realm that constitutes 96 per cent, influence and rule us? What is the real base of astrology?

Many Masters say that Karma is the root cause of all success and failure in this life as well as in our past and future lives. What you do and what you do not makes what you truly are. According to the principles of Jyotisha, we ourselves choose the planetary positions we are suppose to be born in so that we can pass our spiritual tests of the Kriyaman Karma, or Karma that we are creating in the present.

So is there a free will? Of course there is free will. Whenever a person is born at a particular moment, the planets, nakshatras and the invisible universe releases a particular set of energies to him or her, based on the balance sheet of his past Karma. Having received those energies, however, the soul may decide to use it properly or improperly, and astrology and these allied subjects are the blue print to understand the same. But of course you need a proper master to get that guidance. Semi-trained persons try to make money or impress others with their half baked knowledge and this is where astrology gets a bad repute. So whatever it is, the planets and the nakshatras are gift of the supreme to guide us and balance our Karma.


So no matter whichever country you are born in, if you have taken birth in this three dimensions, you have been given a particular set of energies from the universe. You may align with the same or choose not to align, the choice is yours. That may have given us a little to become make us makers of our own destinies. (We are very tiny, just in three dimension, there may be infinite dimensions higer than us)

Recently, a lot of news is coming that Mother Earth is passing through a transition. There will be diseases, deaths, earthquakes, floods, economic turbulences (demonetisation is already in front of us) and so forth. That we are living during this age is also because of our own Karmas and humanity’s Karma: greed, jealousy, anger, violence, etc.

But each moment is giving us a choice, choice to suffer in silence or to make the world a better and happy place to live in.

We have left behind 2016, numerologically governed by Mars, which brings a lot of turmoil. We have entered 2017. If you add up the value 2017, that is 2+0+1+7, it becomes 10, which on linear addition becomes 1. The number represents Sun. According to Hindu mythology Sun came to the Universe to restore a balance of energies. But its first act is to battle everything that is wrong, so that the pure spiritualism can play out undisturbed. He is coming again. So naturally there will be calamities and catastrophes, so that evil is battled out and the Golden Age starts to evolve, with the onset of some hopeful future years and beyond. It is in this transition period that we all have to make the bravest of choices of not succumbing to evil and be righteous in all our deeds.


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