The first ever bjp chief minister in any state below the Vindhyas is being surrounded by his own party detractors and is paying for his costly mistakes

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) believes in taking important decisions on auspicious days, hoping that everything goes fine. So, the Ugadi Day, the New Year for Tamils and Kannads, last April was chosen to anoint former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa as state president of the BJP in Karnataka.

Ugadi symbolises the bitter-sweet aspects of life and in South India, people distribute neem with loads of jaggery (gud) among friends, relatives and well-wishers, wishing for the arrival of more good news than the bad. But, nine months into office, Yeddy (as he is popularly known in media circles) has hardly brought any good tidings to the party; it is more neem than gud!

Seventy-four year old Yeddy, who was credited with opening the gates for the BJP down south and bringing the party to power in Karnataka in 2008, and later causing its downfall as well, is a complex personality. Considering that he is the only leader with a mass base who can challenge Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, he has been given the reins of the party.



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