Dimensions of 2G politics


The Congress has got a new lease on life with the 2G verdict, whereas the political game of BJP has come out of curtain.

Trusted sources suggest that the 2G scam case took a new turn when a declared row took shape between Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia and ED chief Karnail Singh. Sources claim that the Center was pressurizing ED to slow down actions against Southern politicians on the radar of the ED. But ED wanted to maintain the speed of the strict action on the leaders and businessmen coming under the purview of money laundering. If one flips the pages of the 2G spectrum licenses case, CBI special court judge OP Saini had rejected the plea of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on February 4, in which the former Finance and Home Minister P Chidambaram were to be taken into wraps. On February 2, 2017, this special court acquitted the Maran brothers, too. The court was initially scheduled to announce its verdict on October 25, 2017, but then judge Saini asked for some more time and the date was pushed further to November 7. One more interesting fact is that Anil Ambani’s company ADAG was also under the traps of the scam. And Anil’s company has got the contract of Rafale Aircraft from the Ministry of Defense. In such a scenario, it was vital for Anil and his company to set free from the whole issue.


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